E1M6: Myth Falls (HYMN)

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This level occupies the map slot E1M6. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:E1M6.

E1M6: Myth Falls is the sixth map of HYMN. It was designed by A.Gamma and uses the music track "Midi Test" from Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep.


Map of Myth Falls
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Take the ethereal crossbow below, which is guarded by golems and gargoyles, then enter the tunnel going north and follow it until you reach a cavern with another water pool. Go through the north exit to find yourself on top of a wall and follow this west, using the battlements as cover, until you enter a room with a green key door guarded by fire gargoyles and sabreclaws. Proceed north through another door and dispose of any waiting monsters, including some disciples of D'Sparil that teleport in, then pass through the round doorway in the north wall to enter a gray room. Open the black door to enter a hall with a red carpet and turn left to see an iron lich ahead, then push past it along with some disciples to a wooden throne that has the green key sitting on it; taking the key will cause four sabreclaws (or weredragons on bringest them oneth (BTO) skill level or higher) to teleport in.

Head back to the green key door you passed earlier and open it to enter a library, destroy the golems and gargoyles ahead then head for the archway in the north-west corner (lined with hanging skulls) to see two nitrogolems protecting a switch; pressing it will lower the yellow key in the center of the map. Head back through the library, where some golems, disciples and ophidians have teleported in, then head back to the round doorway leading to the green key area; instead of going through it, walk east into the neighboring room and through a small door on the opposite side to find a Tome of Power. Step on the lift here to go down to the bottom floor and press the switch in the north-west corner, which will raise a bridge nearby, then ride the lift back up and go through the small door again - you can now cross the bridge to reach the yellow key directly ahead. Watch out for various monsters, including two iron liches on BTO or higher, that teleport in around you.

From the yellow key, follow a broken road east and north to a wood door, open it then head east to a staircase leading down to a small storage room with a Morph Ovum. Open the door in the south wall to enter a sewer tunnel and kill some waiting gargoyles, then turn right at the first junction followed by another right to enter a cavern with a large tree. Walk south into a hallway full of hanging skulls and open the door at the east end to enter a cave populated by various monsters, then open the yellow key door in the north-east corner and destroy some sabreclaws, nitrogolems, gargoyles and disciples waiting behind it before stepping through. Dispatch one or two iron liches approaching from the east, then open the exit door behind them and kill two undead warriors waiting in the next room before climbing up the rocks to a vine-covered tunnel at the north end of the stream - this tunnel leads to E1M7: Anachronistic Metropolis.

Secret exit[edit]

Follow the directions below for secrets 6 and 7 to find the blue key, then go to secret #8 to find a wooden boat. Pull the chain switch at the top of the steps inside the boat to go to E1M9: Domus.

Other points of interest[edit]

From the start, enter the north tunnel and look for a door in the left-hand wall. You will find various items behind it, including a dragon claw.


  1. At the south-west lift in the central area, jump east from the lift to a rock below holding two quartz flasks and three claw orbs. (sector 1447)
  2. In the green key room, the south-west and south-east corners can be lowered, revealing face switches behind them. Press both switches, then go behind the throne where the key was to find quartz flasks, an energy orb, a Tome of Power and greater runes. (sector 1278)
  3. In the central area where the yellow key is, shoot the door of the south-east building to knock it down and get quartz flasks, a Tome of Power, an energy orb and a quiver of ethereal arrows. (sector 269)
  4. Head to the room south of the one with the torn red carpet. Press on the banner to the west, then return to the room with the red carpet and go to the west wall to find a hellstaff, a quartz flask and lesser runes. (sector 310)
  5. In the library behind the green key door, head to the room to the south and climb the steps leading to the dragon claw. Jump to the bookshelf to the north to get claw orbs, a quiver of ethereal arrows and greater runes. (sector 1711)
  6. After you get the yellow key, follow the walkthrough above until you reach the room with the large tree. Press the skull switch in the south-west corner to reveal a second switch behind it, then head east, north, and east to find two claw orbs, two ethereal arrows and two crystal vials. (sector 854)
  7. Run east from secret #6 and jump to the switch. Use it, then head to the large room south of the exit door. Here, a bookshelf to the west has lowered. Take the steps to get the blue key. (sector 798) You can make this secret easier to reach by pressing the face switch hidden in the south-east corner of the red carpet room; it will raise a small ledge leading to the switch that lowers the bookcase, reducing the distance you have to jump.
  8. With the blue key from secret #7, head back to the sewers at the north-east end and open the door. You will find ethereal arrows, a crystal vial, claw orbs, and the secret exit. (sector 1773)


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Map data[edit]

Things 1394
Vertices 11503*
Linedefs 10838
Sidedefs 19250
Sectors 2028
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 8923.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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