E2A9: Queso Chasm (The Adventures of Square)

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E2A9: Queso Chasm is the ninth map in the Galactic Lunacy episode of The Adventures of Square. It was designed by Richard Frei (Tarnsman) and Xaser Acheron, and uses the music track "Lunartech Fridge" by James Paddock (Jimmy). A short section of the level uses an additional music track, "Lunartech Lava" by Paddock and Xaser.


Map of Queso Chasm
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


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  1. Head south from the start, and at the crates, use the north button to open an area to the west with lemonade, a piece of pie, a crescent-shaped scepter, and a bag of marbles. (sector 2202)
  2. Head further south to an area full of crates. Here, go to the middle of the east side, jump to a crate, and jump to a small hole to the east with a fizz-o pop. (sector 165)
  3. In the space area south of the room of crates, take the side path to the east, following it all the way to Hellshells, a Hellshell launcher, and a piece of cake. (sector 1349)
  4. At the southwest end, jump up at the south side and follow the ledges east and northeast. Drop a bit and enter the regular gravity section to find Oozis, lemonade, and a clip of ooze. (sector 2336)
  5. Head out of the previous secret through the higher exit. Outside, jump across to the northwest twice, then head west and north all the way. Drop down to get a backpack. (sector 1022)
  6. Head to the high ledge above Secret #5 and jump west, then jump south. Follow the path through the cave to get a happy sphere. (sector 576)
  7. At the west side, head north from the southwest area and towards a circular column. Head to the north side of it, jump up, and use the green monitor. You will lower to a brick armor. (sector 2197)
  8. Head west from the previous secret, climbing the ladders up. Jump south to the ledges there and keep heading south to get bags of marbles and a Circool-Aid. (sector 1104)
  9. At the northwest walkway, head to the east side and jump to the northeast corner. Press the down switch, then head south of the walkway and into an alcove that has a devil sphere. (sector 754)
  10. Head east from the walkway into the lava cave. Go northeast to get an alumoonium armor. (sector 515)
  11. At the northeast lava area, head down to the northeast and jump to the well that has bags of marbles. (sector 1606)
  12. At the northeast lava area, on the west side, head south as much as you can, then head east, taking the steps. On the path going north, jump on the east railing and jump south. Go around to get a backpack and a wooden box armor. (sector 1447)
  13. As you head northeast in this area, past the fishtank, jump up to the purple wall to the east. Jump south on the rocks, then to the yellow rock. Fall into the hole there to get a locationator. (sector 2144)
  14. After lowering the lava level in the northeast lava area, you will reveal a castle entrance. Head west of there, jumping across the lava and the castle edge, until you get a happy sphere. (sector 1782)


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Map data[edit]

Things 1171
Vertices 12272
Linedefs 14895
Sidedefs 25549
Sectors 2463


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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