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This level occupies the map slot E2M7. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:E2M7.
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E2M7: Gateway Labs is the seventh map of episode The Depths of Doom of No End In Sight. It was designed by Emil Brundage (NaturalTvventy).


Map of Gateway Labs
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Other points of interest[edit]


  1. The wall in the central hub of the map where the dead marine is functions as a lift which leads to a rocket launcher. The switch here lowers the lift as well, but it also lowers Secret #7 as well. (sector 23)
  2. In the room with multiple icky columns above the nukage, go towards the north end and look at the north side of one of the columns for a switch, which will reveal a radiation suit nearby. Note that if you hit the switch in the middle and lower the columns, you can still press the switch if you can find its location. (sector 36)
  3. From the central hub, take the northeast door, then press the wall immediately to your left. You will lower a lift containing an invulnerability and two health bonuses. (sector 166)
  4. After collecting all three keys, return to the hub to expand it further and find more enemies. After dealing with them, enter the far southern part of the hub, right where Secret #9 would be. Then, press the gargoyle switch on the eastern side to lower a lift. Stepping on this lowered lift causes another one to lower. Make sure to step on each subsequent lift quickly to reach this secret, containing four medikits and a box of ammo. (sector 247)
  5. After triggering the fake exit in the northwest part of the map, open the wall in the southeast corner of the trap. You can see a block you can jump on here. Make a running jump so that you will land on this block, then turn east and jump through the window to the opening. A computer area map lies beyond all the gibs in this small room. (sector 397)
  6. Near where the shotgun is, open the wall to the north to find two rockets and two medikits. (sector 402)
  7. When collecting your first of three keys, go back to the hub and the walls around you will open revealing lots of monsters. Trigger Secret #1 again, but quickly run southwest to the lowered platform that contains a chainsaw and a berserk pack. The switch in this secret lowers Secret #8 as well. (sector 423)
  8. After getting two of the keys, the central hub will further expand giving away more monsters. Return to Secret #7 and flip the switch, then quickly run east then southeast to where the plasma gun is before it closes. Entering this cove also triggers Secret #9 as well. (sector 425)
  9. After collecting all three keys, return to the hub to expand it further and find more enemies. After dealing with them, go back to Secret #8 and you will hear a lift lower. Run out of there, then head west and south to the lowering lift. The lift takes you up to a backpack. (sector 426)
  10. In the southeast room with the three lit alcoves, approach the switch to the south to raise the main platform, which allows you to reach the three ammo clips and the plasma gun (you do not have to flip the switch here, and it actually is better if you do not, as if you head into the room opened by the switch and flipped the next switch, you will be unable to reach the secret). Enter the alcove with the plasma gun to lower into a dark water room with a metal wall. Open this metal wall and hit the skull switch. Through the window, you will notice some steps leading up. After obtaining the blue key, return to the southeast corner of the map and take the stairs up to either energy cell pack (both count as one secret). (sector 488)
  11. In the room that darkens when you enter it (accessible from either blue key door), go to the north side of the room and press on a marble hall to the left of the north hallway to open it. Note that this marble wall requires the red key to open it. Run west across the nukage and lowered lifts. For the next set of lifts, you need to time it so you can get across the lifts and the slow crushers. On the other side, ride the lift up to get a soul sphere. (sector 696)
  12. After getting the yellow key, open up either of the yellow key doors on the west side of the map and you will spot a rocket launcher on a bridge. Do not go across this bridge yet, as it will lower and the secret will become inaccessible then. Instead, go to the southwest corner of this room, where you will see a switch next to a berserk pack. The switch will lower a lift behind where the rocket launcher is, so quickly hit it, then run across the bridge so you make it to the lift before it rises or the bridge lowers too far. Once you ride the lift up, follow the trail of rockets to the berserk pack. (sector 839)
  13. By entering the wood and metal room with the skulls on the walls, some of the lit skull walls become bloodier, and enemies come out of these walls. Return to the previous room and through the bloody skull walls to the north. In this red room, use the lift between the two red beams to go up and flip the switch. This allows you to access the halls where the former humans were. (sector 852)


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Map data[edit]

Things 947
Vertices 5328*
Linedefs 6225
Sidedefs 8565
Sectors 957
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 4861.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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