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Episode 3: Shadowlands
This level occupies the map slot E3M2. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:E3M2.

E3M2: The Dead Marshes is the second map in the Shadowlands episode of Masters of Chaos. It was designed by Doom_Warrior and uses the Hexen music track "Grove".


Map of The Dead Marshes
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Pods are prevalent throughout this level; blow them up to help you kill enemies and save ammo.

West area[edit]

Follow the sludge tunnel to a large open area with a central tree trunk. Watch out for the golem and nitrogolem ghosts that rise from the ground and press the switch on the south side of the tree, which will lower a set of bars to the west. Take the Firemace north of the tree then go through the bars you just opened, following the path through the tree trunks until you reach a stone building surrounded by sludge.

Take the Dragon Claw near the entrance to this area, then go inside the building to find that it has four wooden staircases going north and south. Go up either of the south staircases and press the switch in the middle of the wall; this will open another set of bars in the central area, but also seals the entrance to this area. Golems, undead warriors and an iron lich will also teleport into the area.

Leave the building and go round to its north side to find a green staircase - climb it to the top (collecting an Ethereal Crossbow on the way) then head west along the walkway to find a Bag of Holding. Head around the corner to find a teleporter leading back to the central area.

North-east area and blue key[edit]

Back in the central area with the tree trunk, go through the north-east opening which is now accessible and follow the path behind it until you reach an open gate. Slay the sabreclaws in this area, then go north-east into a tunnel and press the switch next to the bars to open them. Keep heading north-east past an island with a sign until you enter a covered area guarded by nitrogolems and fire gargoyles.

As you approach the nitrogolems, a wall behind them will open to reveal a number of sabreclaws. Destroy these monsters then follow the passage behind the wall and press the switch on the north wall - this will build a staircase later in the level that will allow you to reach the blue key. Leave the passage and head west towards the large wooden building in this area.

Go round to the north-west side of the building to find a walkway through the sludge leading to a door. Go through this door to a hall with chandeliers - as you enter, two alcoves containing fire gargoyles will open in front of you. Once they are dead, head up the staircase in the north-east corner (which you raised using the earlier switch) to reach a red-floored room. The blue key can be found here, guarded by undead warriors.

Taking the key will open three areas outside the building to release numerous monsters - green chaos serpents from the west, sabreclaws from the south, and shadow beasts and an iron lich from the south-east. More chaos serpents and iron liches will also teleport in, just outside the door you used to enter the building.

East area and yellow key[edit]

Backtrack to the starting area and press the switch on the north side of the tree trunk, between the blue key gizmos. This will open the trunk to reveal some sabreclaws guarding another switch - take the Energy Orb next to the switch and press it, which will open the bars blocking the east opening in the fence. Go through this opening and follow the path to a round cavern, watching out for four weredragons that rise from the floor in front of you.

Go south-east and follow the steps to a room with cross-shaped drains, populated by nitrogolems and gargoyles - more enemies will also rise from the floor as you enter. Go east up another staircase to find a switch guarded by two more gargoyles and press it, then backtrack to the round cavern. Watch out for the weredragons, golem and undead warrior that have been released into the drain room on the way back.

Back in the round cavern, go up the north staircase and through the now-open door at the end to get outside and see a large building in front of you. Turn left and follow the path round the building until you reach a pool of sludge, then turn left and head for the triangle-stone wall in front of you. When you reach the wall, turn left again and follow the path until you reach a switch, which will lower a lift next to it when pressed.

Ride the lift up to get on top of the stone wall, and follow it all the way to the end to find another switch. Press this switch then turn around and drop off the wall to the sludge below - in front of you are two curved brick walls, and pressing the switch has lowered a section of wall between them. Go through this wall to find the yellow key behind it.

North-west area and exit[edit]

Take the yellow key then turn round and approach the triangle-stone wall in front of you - inside the U-shaped section is a teleporter that will put you on top of the wall. Go forward to drop off the wall, then head towards the large building in front of you and make your way round to its east side. Watch out for the ophidians, undead warrior and shadow beast that have teleported into this area. Once you reach the east side of the building, face west and climb the steps to a wide door requiring the yellow key. A Bormereth is waiting behind the door - use the pillars in the room to give you cover from its attacks.

When the Bormereth is dead, four walls will lower in the corners of the room to release undead warriors, gargoyles, disciples of D'Sparil and sabreclaws into the area. Dispose of them then go through the north-west wall and follow the staircase behind it; you will reach a room that has three square structures with round openings. Go to the north-west structure and look at its west face to find a switch - pressing this switch opens the route to the level exit, but also releases a number of dark bishops into the room. Kill them then go to the south-east structure in this room where a teleporter has been revealed - step into it to return to the starting area.

Go through the north-west opening in the fence, then follow the path to an open area with a raised central graveyard. Go to the west side of the graveyard then look west to see a switch between two moss-covered walls - press it, then return to the south side of the graveyard and climb the steps which have now risen. Head forward to a ruined building and open the silver door, then go through the doorway on your left to a room with barrels. Take the two Claw Orbs here and press the switch in the south-west corner.

Leave the ruin, slay the reivers which have appeared outside and go to the east side of the graveyard to find another switch between two mossy walls. Press it, then go round to the north side of the graveyard to find a large teleporter which will send you to an enclosed area. Turn round and follow the low passage past some sabreclaws until you get outside, then follow the sludge river into the horizon to finish the level.

Other points of interest[edit]

Items can be found in the sludge surrounding the western building. A Shadowsphere can be found among some trees in the south-east corner, while a Quartz Flask and an Energy Orb can be found on two islands south-west of the building. Another island west of the building holds a Quiver of Ethereal Arrows.

A walkway runs round the south side of the blue key building, which has a Hellstaff on it.

After taking the blue key, a set of bars will open north-west of the building it is found in - leave the building and go through the bars, where a path leads to a ruined building holding a Phoenix Rod. Also after taking the blue key, go to the south side of the building to find that a wall has lowered, revealing a Frost Fang on a small island.


  1. Follow the east path from the starting area until you reach a round cavern. There are several pillar decorations along the east wall; open the wall between the two northern-most pillars (it has a column texture on it) to find a teleporter that will send you to a ledge by the building in the west area. The ledge holds a Ring of Invincibility, a Quiver of Ethereal Arrows and Mace Spheres. (sector 77)
  2. Taking the blue key lowers several platforms in the north-east area of the level; one of these platforms is due west of the door you used to enter the blue key building. Leave the building and go due west until you reach a step covered in moss, then go into the tunnel behind it and head west until you climb a set of stone steps. Press the switch at the top of the steps then step into the teleporter behind you, which will send you to a ledge with a Mystic Urn and two crystal vials. (sector 250)
  3. There is a wooden walkway at the south side of the blue key building; follow it west to a wooden door, and go through to a room with arched supports. Go through the door in the south-east corner and follow the corridor behind it to a room with three fire gargoyles. Open the bookcase in the north wall to find Greater Runes and a Crystal Geode. (sector 371)
  4. After passing through the yellow key door and killing the Bormereth behind it, four walls will lower in the room to release various enemies. Go through the wall in the north-east corner to a short passage, then open the wall at the end of this passage to find a Quiver of Ethereal Arrows and a Pile of Mace Spheres. (sector 807)
  5. Climb the steps to the yellow key door but do not go through it. Instead, turn left and follow the stone walkway until you see a tree trunk ahead with a crystal vial on it. Jump to this trunk, then carefully jump along some more trunks which will lead you to a Morph Ovum. (sector 812)
  6. From secret #5, go back to the stone walkway and follow it round to the south side of the building to find two Quartz Flasks and some Greater Runes. Open the nearby metal wall with skulls to find a teleporter, which will send you to a mossy ledge in the north-east area of the level. Take the Silver Shield here, then look north-west to see four tree trunks you can stand on. Jump across these trunks to reach another mossy ledge with a Map Scroll. (sector 427)


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Map data[edit]

Things 1324
Vertices 40019*
Linedefs 41156
Sidedefs 46029
Sectors 1218
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 40019.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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