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Episode 3: Shadowlands
This level occupies the map slot E3M8. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:E3M8.

E3M8: The Residence is the eighth map in the Shadowlands episode of Masters of Chaos. It was designed by Caleb26 and uses the Hexen music track "Fubas".


Map of The Residence
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Green key[edit]

As soon as the level starts, turn round and kill the undead warriors behind you (plus a butcher on hard skill levels), then turn round again to kill three nitrogolems. Take the energy orb and greater runes then press the switch in the south wall to open the door leading out of the room.

Go straight forward through a large archway and down some steps to a garden with four small hedge mazes. Go into the south-east maze (the entrance is in its south-east corner) and follow the spiral past two butchers until you find a switch. Press it then go back up the steps to find that a door has been revealed on your right - go through it and head straight forward, killing an undead warrior guarding a door. Go through this door and kill the two roaches waiting behind it, then open the wall in the north-west corner and follow the tunnel behind it.

You will reach a small chamber with metal columns. Slay the golem and nitrogolem ghosts in the chamber, then take the ethereal crossbow and press the switch by the east wall. Go back down the tunnel and through the door to find that two chambers have opened containing a number of sabreclaws. Destroy them all and head back to the door you used earlier, then turn left to find that stairs have risen. Climb these stairs and turn left, heading through another door to a room with a switch in its south wall.

Prepare yourself before pressing the switch, as the room will darken and a vampire will be revealed behind you. Kill it, then leave the room to find that undead warriors and ophidians have been released outside. Return to the staircase leading to the garden to find that a door has been revealed in the east wall - open it and kill the knight archers waiting behind it, then head forward and turn left at the junction to climb some steps. Turn left again to find a wooden room with various enemies, then press the switch in the south wall.

Kill the gargoyles and fire gargoyles that are released from an alcove to the east, then go back down the steps and turn left into a passage. Go round the corner to find that two doors have opened in the left-hand wall, leading to rooms that each contain six dark bishops. Go through the north door and kill the bishops behind it, then press the switch in the south-west corner. Go into the second of the two rooms and kill the bishops here as well, along with the enemies in the chamber to the south. Once everything is dead, take the mystic urn then press the switch in the south-west corner.

Return to the starting area and head east to find that a wall has opened. Kill the archers waiting behind it, then follow the passage to a wooden door guarded by an undead warrior ghost. Go through the door then turn left and left again, killing the golems at the end of the passage ahead (plus a butcher on hard skill levels) before going through either of the doors they were guarding. Kill the nitrogolems waiting behind the doors, then climb the stairs to a wooden archway guarded by an ophidian.

Go through the archway and turn right, climbing more stairs to an area with bookcases which is guarded by disciples of D'Sparil. Go to the bookcase by the west wall and look for a switch hidden on its north-east side which you should press. Slay the various enemies that teleport in to the north, then go back through the archway and kill two butchers that have been released into the area. Backtrack down the stairs and through either of the doors you used earlier, then follow the passage and turn right to see a curved staircase in front of you. Climb it and go through a door on your left, take the Time Bombs of the Ancients then press the switch in the north-west corner.

Go back down the steps to see that a door on your right has opened, leading to an outdoor area with gravestones. Go down the steps and turn right to head through the graveyard, watching out for reivers that appear ahead. After turning a corner and going north, look for a tunnel entrance on your left and follow it to a forested area. When the path splits in two directions, take the left-hand path and follow it until you find three metal pillars over a sludge pit. Kill any monsters in the area, then jump across the pillars to the opposite ledge and press the switch here.

Go back across the pillars and step into the teleporter that has lowered to get back outside. Climb the steps in front of you and kill the waiting butcher, then go through the open door and turn right to follow the hallway to a wooden door. Go through it and kill the vampire guarding the next room, then look at the south wall to see two doors. Go through the west door to find three roaches guarding the green key.

Blue key[edit]

Leave the green key chamber and return to the previous room, then press the switch in the north-east corner to open a door back to the starting area. Retrace your steps to the garden with the hedge mazes and head due north to two staircases leading up to a door requiring the green key. Take the firemace if it has spawned then go through the door, before heading forward to a second door that leads to an entrance hall.

Destroy the iron lich at the top of the staircase and the sabreclaws on each side of the hall, then go through the door in the south-east corner to a hallway with a blue floor. Kill the butchers ahead and follow the hallway round the corner, before passing through a door on the left. Turn left and follow the passage round to a switch guarded by a vampire - pressing the switch lowers a wall nearby, but also releases several golems and a butcher from an alcove to your right. Have a strong weapon ready to defeat them.

Go back round the corner to find that a wall has lowered ahead, revealing an ophidian guarding a switch. Press the switch, then backtrack to the entrance hall and go through the now-open door in the east wall. Turn left and kill the ophidian through the archway ahead, then follow the passage it was guarding to another switch by some greater runes. Press the switch then go back through the archway and step into the teleporter that has lowered, which will send you to a stone alcove. Open the Korax wall ahead, then kill the archers and disciples in the room behind it before collecting the blue key.

Yellow key[edit]

Leave the room through the west door to get back to the blue hallway, then backtrack to the entrance hall and climb the steps. Head forward through two stone archways then turn left, kill the butchers ahead and open the door behind them which has blue key gizmos. Do not go into the next room immediately as it contains three nightmares - let them come to you and fire your weapons when they attack. Once they are eliminated, enter the room and go through the door in the south wall.

Follow the stone ledge round and go through another door to the south. Head through three chambers which contain roaches, nitrogolems and a butcher and press the switch in the last chamber. This will open a nearby alcove containing green chaos serpents, and another alcove in the previous area containing golems. Fight your way past these monsters and return to the room where you faced the nightmares, going through the west door this time to a gray hallway. Slay the nitrogolems and undead warriors here and follow the hallway, going through the second door on the right.

Head down the wooden passage and slay the butcher at the end, then go through the door behind it to reach a room with a stained-glass ceiling which is guarded by a shadow beast and undead warriors. Once they are dead, look at the three switches by the north wall - only the left switch needs to be pressed, while the other switches will release monsters. Backtrack to the gray hallway and turn right, going around the corner before passing through a now-open door opposite a red plinth - watch out for the Bormereth approaching from the south.

Kill any butchers waiting behind the door and head to the east end of this room to find a switch but do not press it immediately - when you approach the switch, the room will be sealed and a vampire and two more butchers will be released. Once they are dead, press the switch then step into the teleporter which is revealed at the other end of the hall. You will be sent to an enclosed area north of the entrance hall - turn round and take the yellow key behind you.


Head down the steps and go round the wooden platform you were standing on, killing any roaches you encounter. Open the door in the south wall to return to the entrance hall, then go down the steps and open the west door between two yellow key gizmos. There are four nightmares in the next room - wait by the door and destroy them as they approach, then press the switch hidden in the central pillar to reveal a staircase going north.

Go down the stairs and turn left, then left again to destroy some approaching sabreclaws. Head towards the switch that the sabreclaws were guarding, watching out for more sabreclaws that ambush you from either side. When you reach the switch, press it then step into the teleporter that is revealed to finish the level.

Other points of interest[edit]

Searching the other hedge mazes in the central garden will yield more items. The south-west maze holds a Tome of Power and a silver shield, the north-west maze holds a phoenix rod, and the north-east maze holds a Bag of Holding and a Blood Scepter.

After going through the door east of the starting area, follow the passage to another door and go through it. There are several doors leading away from the next room - open the south-west door to find a dragon claw guarded by a nitrogolem.

There are several doors leading away from the room before the green key chamber. The west door in the north wall leads to a Morph Ovum guarded by two ophidians, while the east door in the south wall leads to a silver shield guarded by a nightmare.

When you reach the entrance hall past the green key door, there are two doors in the south wall that lead to pickups guarded by undead warrior ghosts. The west door leads to a Tome of Power, while the east door leads to a mystic urn.

From the entrance hall, go through the south-east door to a hallway with a blue floor. Follow it and open the first door on your left, behind which is a staircase leading to a platform with a shadow beast and nitrogolems. A Frost Fang can be found at the north end of the platform.

After getting the blue key, return to the entrance hall and go through the south-western door to find another hallway with a red floor. Follow it and turn right at the junction, then go round the corner to find two or three butchers guarding a door with blue key gizmos. Slay the Bormoreth and nitrogolems waiting behind this door, then go west to find a Jade Wand guarded by a butcher.

Follow the directions for the previous point, but go through the door opposite the one requiring the blue key and follow the hall behind it to another door. The room behind it contains five nightmares guarding a Skull Staff.

From the room leading to secret #4, go through the south door to find another silver shield and four crystal vials.


  1. In the room in the south-east corner of the level, climb on to the wooden wall east of either staircase. From here you can jump up to the ledge by the windows, which holds a Ring of Invincibility. (sector 483)
  2. In the forested area in the south-west corner of the level, jump across the three metal platforms to a ledge with a switch. Standing on the third pillar, look west to see a Tome of Power in some sludge below you; you can reach it with a running jump. (sector 611)
  3. Leave the room that held the green key, then pass through the east door in the north wall of the next room to enter a chamber with a butcher. Kill it then approach the crystal vial in the south-east corner of the chamber, which will lower two walls to the north. An inferno orb can be found on top of the second wall. (sector 660)
  4. Go through the south-western door from the entrance hall to reach a hallway with a red floor, then follow it and turn left at the junction to find one or two butchers guarding a door. Go through the door and turn right, then head round the corner to another door. Behind this door is a room with bookcases guarded by undead warriors - press use on the south-west bookcase to lower it and reveal a tunnel to a quartz flask and two Skull Staff Charges. (sector 1369)
  5. Go up the steps in the entrance hall and open the door in the north-west corner to reach a room with bookcases. After passing between the third set of bookcases, turn left and open the bookcase ahead to reveal a hidden alcove with two quartz flasks and a map scroll. (sector 1771)
  6. There are four passages branching off from the hallway leading to the exit teleporter. Go into the southern-most passage and turn right at the junction, then press use on the wall ahead to reveal greater runes. (sector 1744)


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Map data[edit]

Things 1503
Vertices 10942*
Linedefs 11113
Sidedefs 16996
Sectors 1830
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 9340.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level, not including monsters and items spawned via scripts:

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