E6M1: Deja Vu (Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes)

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The Final Gate
This level occupies the map slot E6M1. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:E6M1.

E6M1: Deja Vu is the first map of episode The Final Gate in Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes. It was designed by Jeff Shark (Marnetmar). The par time defined in MAPINFO is 1:30.


Map of Deja Vu
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Head down the steps to your left or right to find a zombieman next to a radiation door, open it then head due east past another zombieman to a second door, behind which are two more zombiemen along with a teleporter. Enter the teleporter to go to a Hellified version of the starting area, then go straight forward (west) into a narrow passage where an imp guards a marble door. Open this door to confront two demons, then climb the steps behind them to reach a second teleporter that goes to a large crucifix-shaped hall.

Go to the center of the hall then enter the south fork to get a supercharge along with a chaingun, a shotgun and boxes of bullets and shells - you will need these shortly. Open the big door at the west end of the hall to enter a star-shaped arena, then approach the gray column in front of you to open it and reveal four barons of Hell. Kill all the barons to lower the outer walls of the star, then drop into the yard below and step on the teleporter at the west end to enter a seemingly empty corridor; when you walk forward you will teleport into an ambush by several demons and shotgun guys. The level automatically ends when your health drops to 1%.

Other points of interest[edit]

In the starting area, take the south path at the crossroads to get a computer area map.


There are no official secrets on this map.


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As this level does not contain official secrets, the NM 100S category is redundant.

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Map data[edit]

Things 102
Vertices 707*
Linedefs 675
Sidedefs 1071
Sectors 124
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 559.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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