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Codebase DOSDoom, EDGE 1.35
Developer(s) Andrew Apted (andrewj), Dashodanger, Luke Brennan (Lobo)
Contributor(s) Chris J. Mullen (CeeJay)
Initial release 1.0 (2021-12-18, 2 years ago)
Latest release 1.37 (2023-12-21, 6 months ago)
Development status Active
Written in C++, Lua, QuakeC (modified)
Target Platform Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac, Emscripten, Raspberry Pi
Available in English (United States)
License GPL v3

EDGE-Classic is a fork of the EDGE source port by Andrew Apted (andrewj), Dashodanger and Luke Brennan (Lobo). It is based off EDGE 1.35, the final original EDGE release from April 9, 2011.

It focuses on solving long-standing bugs and adding some quality of life features, such as extensive music format support. Additionally, EDGE-Classic targets older or less powerful hardware compared to the 2.x fork, 3DGE.


EDGE-Classic was formed out of a need for lightweight and advanced port for the Raspberry Pi, as well as dissatisfaction with progress on the 3DGE port. Luke Brennan, aka Lobo, suggested to Dashodanger to use EDGE 1.35, as that ran well on the OpenPandora handheld. Initially the focus was on fixing some bugs for the platform, but the scope rapidly expanded. A name had to be chosen, and due to the port targeting legacy hardware by design, EDGE-Classic was chosen and first released on December 18, 2021.

Since then, development has shifted, supporting new cross-platform standards like DEHEXTRA and UDMF, with a special focus on music support so that various sound sources can be played as alternative soundtracks.


  • All features from EDGE 1.35
  • OpenGL 1.5 based renderer
  • WebGL/Emscripten platform support (playable demo at GitHub.io)
  • Ability to play MPEG videos via DDF or RTS
  • Support for mounted folders and EPK/PK3/ZIP archives
  • UDMF map support
  • UMAPINFO support
  • DEHEXTRA support
  • DSDHacked compatibility
  • Support for MUSINFO-based music changers
  • Support for MBF21 sectors and linetypes
  • Lua as the primary scripting language, with a COAL compatibility library to aid in migrating existing projects
  • Expanded DDF/RTS/COAL features
  • Quake series MD1, MD2 and MD3 model support
  • KVX and KV6 voxel model support
  • Erraticism (aka Superhot) gameplay mode: time will only advance when the player moves or fires
  • Soundfont capable MIDI player with SF2 support
  • OPL emulation for FM Synthesis of MIDI tracks
  • Support for MP3 music and sound effects
  • Improved gamepad support
  • Support for the following music formats that can be used for alternative soundtracks:
  • Support for image/spritesheet fonts
  • Support for TrueType/OpenType fonts
  • AJBSP as internal nodebuilder, replacing glBSP
  • Improved support for the following IWADs:
  • Widescreen status bar, intermission, and title screens
  • Inventory system
  • Autoload folder
  • Custom standalone IWADs that can be created by adding an EDGEGAME lump or file to the WAD/EPK. This will allow it to pass the automatic IWAD detection checks.
  • Optional pistol start feature

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