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Doom shareware v1.666 ENDOOM screen.

ENDOOM is the colorful screen shown when Doom exits. ENDOOM consists of 4,000 bytes representing an 80 by 25 block of text exactly as it would be stored in VGA video memory. Every character position on the screen is stored as two bytes in the resource: the first byte is simply the character's 8-bit extended ASCII value, while the second byte gives color information. This means that the line-drawing characters in the IBM PC character set may be used.

The second byte is further broken down into three pieces. Bits 0-3 give the foreground color, 4-6 give the background color, and bit 7 is a flag that tells whether the character should blink. The colors are the standard text-mode colors used by DOS. As a result of bit 7 being used to indicate blinking text, background colors are limited to the first eight (dark) colors in the following list, while the foreground may be chosen from all sixteen colors (dark and bright).

In Heretic, the equivalent lump is named ENDTEXT and in Strife it is ENDSTRF. Hexen does not use an ENDOOM screen and Chex Quest kept the ENDOOM name.

Note that some source ports do not show ENDOOM. Some ports allow to change the setting so that this screen can be never shown, always shown, or only shown if it comes from a mod rather than the IWAD. Authors of modern WADs often do not bother to include replacement ENDOOM lumps. Some users might consider the feature an annoyance depending on its implementation, as it may require effectively quitting the program twice if not timed. In Boom, the equivalent lump is known as the ENDBOOM lump; an alternate lump name was used so as to display the port's own screen instead of that from the IWAD or mod.

ANSI colors CP437 characters
Background and Foreground Foreground Only Vga-rom-font.png
Code Color Code Color
0 Black 8 Dark Gray
1 Blue 9 Light Blue
2 Green A Light Green
3 Cyan B Light Cyan
4 Red C Light Red
5 Magenta D Light Magenta
6 Brown E Yellow
7 Light Gray/White F Bright White


  • An ENDOOM format lump that is styled similarly to Doom 1's ENDOOM message titled "OUTOFMEM" appears in the 2023 Doom source code leak and in some prototype builds, and is an error message intended to show when the game does not have enough memory to boot.