Eagle Speedmapping Sessions

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The Eagle Speedmapping Sessions were a series of speedmapping events held by Doomworld user NaZa from April 2017 through April 2018 after a gap in the speedmapping movement during 2017. It was set up in the vein of Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions in terms of rules: making a Boom compatible map within the 2 hours limit, with one extra hour for refining, and being given 3 themes; starting from the second session, there was also a bonus theme for the second session, held 12 hours after the first one. For the tenth and eleventh session, the time constraint was greatly extended to 24 hours to alleviate timezone differences, though mappers were still encouraged to make a 3 hour speedmap in whatever time window they could do so.

During the making of this series, another series called Pigeon Speedmapping Sessions was spun off.

Body of work[edit]