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EarthBound Doom, or EBDoom is an EDGE partial conversion created by Baron of Sigma. EBDoom applies elements from the Super Nintendo RPG "Earthbound" and other Role-Playing Games.

The current version of EBDoom is Beta 6.56, released on January 12, 2006. There are not many new levels for the conversion, many of the existing maps being heavily modified versions of Doom and Doom 2 maps to test new features. At its current stage, EBDoom exists as a monster modification and a concept modification. However, currently it appears that the modification has been either abandoned or discontinued, as the mod's page and files have disappeared, and the link to the site on the server's home page no longer exists.

It has received mixed criticism from the Doom community due to its perceived low quality, some regarding it as little more than a Joke WAD. Others see it as having more potential if given more work. Regardless of opinion, many modders have used EBDoom’s resources, in particular its conversions of monsters from other games.

Four demo levels have been released so far. It appears that the main enemies of EBDoom are the Serpent Riders (D'Sparil, Korax, Eidolon), the major bosses of the Heretic-Hexen trilogy. The three riders have been (as of now) unknowingly resurrected and have gained a form of 'monopoly' over several scattered and demoralized forces of monsters. The mod features the aliens from Duke Nukem 3D (supposedly they have lost their main leader and are weakened in power), the minions of Zilla in "Shadow Warrior" (the story also says Zilla has vanished and no longer leads the remaining forces), the weakened and scattered forces of a prequel-modification’s leader, as well as brand new forces, in addition to their own original forces from their original games, and of course, for Doom fans, the demons of Hell.

The Serpent Riders have initiated an invasion of Earthbound’s version of Earth, sometime after the Giygas wars. According to the README file included with the game, the four main characters of the original Earthbound will eventually all be selectable with their own plotlines to stop the efforts of the Serpent Riders. Each character will have their own unique Hit Points, speed, weapons, levels and other abilities to make the game more interesting. However as of now, only Paula, the second of the characters, has any amount of character mechanics created, and she only has 4 demo levels, an intro level, and some tutorial levels. Some of the maps are short and incomplete, likely a main reason for the criticism the mod has received.

As of now, EDGE 1.29RC3 is required for this modification to run properly.

Features and uniquities[edit]

EBDoom's most promising aspect appears to be that its author is a skilled DDF programmer and likes to include complex helpers, items, monsters and other concepts in his games. The DDF system appears to have helped him considerably in many of the features:

  • Players, enemies and helpers can inflict critical hits with melee attacks that can do up to 4 times the normal damage. This makes close-combat unpredictable for either the player or the monsters. This also gives the mod more of an RPG feel to it.
  • Players have hit points instead of Health, and run by a solid number, instead of an apparent % system. For example, Paula (the only current playable character, but three more are expected.) has 332 hit points. Also, Doom-engine game helpers such as Doomguy and Corvus run on a heightened HP system that also seems to factor in armor as well.
  • Several monsters and helpers have more than 5 different attacks they can use in the game. One boss, Babel; has the ability to wield over 20 weapons in his strongest form, according to the README file. In addition, various imported monsters have evolved abilities and/or new powers. As an example, the Afrits can damage enemies with the flames around their body just by touching a nearby player, monster or helper.
  • A heavily edited Brain Shooter has been made that can spawn the majority of the game's monsters, including the new monsters
  • Some levels appear to have monster randomizers and item randomizers, to make the gameplay more unpredictable. However this likely gets some criticism in that in one visit to a level a weak monster can be in one place, while in the next visit a more powerful monster will appear in the same place.
  • One weapon in the game can be used to heal the player, and another can be used as a barrier of sorts to repel monsters and block almost all projectiles, but at the expense that the player cannot attack without lowering the barrier.
  • The Sigil from Strife is currently in the game as an Easter egg weapon. The weapon acts virtually identical to the original Sigil, with only some minor infractions.
  • Various characters have resistances and immunities to specific types of attacks outside of homogenous monsters. The Serpent Riders for example seem to be immune to each others’ attacks in order to avoid monster infighting.
  • Arch-Viles seem to be able to revive more monsters, including their own species and some bosses such as Cyberdemons and Spider Masterminds. It is hinted at in the readme they can even revive dead players if one runs near a dead player by luck.
  • Various enemies and helpers actually patrol and wander the maps, in an attempt to catch players by

surprise, or other monsters off guard.

  • The Spider Mastermind has been shrunken by around 25% and has increased maneuverability.
  • Lost Souls can now redirect their aim in mid-attack, and make a multi-charge in an attempt to surprise the player.
  • When the player is killed, there is a small chance they will automatically resurrect with full health. According to Baron, this is meant to resemble the "Guts" attribute in Earthbound, which can save characters from otherwise fatal blows. However the players will not auto-resurrect if they fall into instant death areas, such as voids or certain types of lava.
  • In the tradition of Mega Man 3, the author has created a flashing “? Barrel” which will react to melee attacks, spawning a random Health, Armor, or other item. There are even some items that are exclusively found in these barrels.
  • The player can utilize four different armor types at the same time. The maxes are 100, 200, 300, and 1992, for Green, Blue, Yellow and Red armor respectively. A rare armor item can give the player double these values.
  • The Invulnerability Sphere is now replaced by an item known as the Megami's Prize Package. This item will grant the player 1992 Red Armor Points and give them the ability to fly for 60 seconds. However because of this, the only way to use the original Invulnerability Sphere is through the cheats.



  • 1A - Fist - Basically identical in most ways to the original punch. The graphics are even more animated and feminine looking versions of the original Doom fist to fit the character. However there are some mechanic differences as that Paula can punch with either her left hand(common, faster and weaker), or with her right hand(not common, slower and stronger). Being a melee weapon, this can inflict a Critical hit or SMAAASH hit as they are called and do 4x the normal damage(with the Berserk pack, up to 40x damage). Still, like the original Doom fist, not recommended against mid-level or higher enemies.
  • 1B - Kick - Paula's character can also use a kicking attack at close range which covers a larger range and has a much higher chance of stunning enemies. It is also much more damaging than a simple punch. The kick sweeps along the screen and tags enemies along a closely knit line at further range. However with "Kick Orb" and "Kick Shoes", the kick can be upgraded to a level two and level three state. Each higher level kick has the normal kicks occurring at faster rates, and doing more damage. Also, the higher levels have alternate attacks with a Duke Nukem style thrust kick. Level two is a single, non rapid-fire version, while level three’s version is a powerful rapid-fire thrust kick at very high speeds. This weapon on it's own without critical hits or the Berserk pack can already do high damage to mid-level or higher monsters in a few seconds. This weapon is actually recommended against most enemies who do not have a crippling-strength attack at long range, such as Imps, Pigcops, Cacodemons of all types, Revenants, Mancubi and even Arch-Viles. It is not recommended against very wide foes like the Spider Mastermind, or powerful mid-boss level enemies like the Cyberdemon, Sumo Wrestler, Cerberus Puppies, and the 3D Realms boss creatures.
  • 1C - Frying Pan - This weapon is more at first a novelty weapon that has effectiveness in between the fist and kick. It is Paula's actual type of weapon in the original EarthBound, hence its appearance in EBDoom. There are two levels. One is a normal mode which is just swung with about equal range to the kick. The level two frying pan is much more effective, appearing to have flames surrounding it. The normal hit appears to have a near 50% critical hit rate as compared to any other melee weapon so far at the current stage of the mod, and the secondary attack for level two will swing a gout of flame at the closest enemy which resembles Arch-Vile fire, and does additional burning damage to nearby creatures on impact. Also, these flames cost no ammo whatsoever, giving the player a free long range attack, although at the expense that a few monsters are immune to fire.
  • 1d - Sword - Despite the other melee weapons above, a hidden fourth melee weapon exist, usually only given with cheats or by finding it in the modified MAP08 of the mod. The sword has the longest range of all the melee weapons, and does extreme damage to most enemies, and one or two perfect swings can destroy a Cyberdemon. There is no second level or secondary attack with the sword right now, but it does work with the Berserk pack and does inflict critical hits, allowing it to be able to even destroy a Heresiarch with a single lucky swing.
  • 2A - Golden Pistol/Chaingun - Believed to be novelty weapons trying to copy Goldeneye's Golden Gun, the Golden weapons of EBDoom have the ability to kill most non-boss level enemies in a single shot. However the player's bullet capacity is usually much smaller in EBDoom than in most modifications, and the guns cannot harm Clones and bosses. The Chaingun is just a rapid fire variation of the Pistol form.
  • 2B - Silver Chaingun - A novelty weapon dropped only by Spider Masterminds. It is basically a chaingun-speed Shotgun. It runs on the same bullets as the Golden guns do, so usually the player will not end up using it unless they do not have a golden weapon available.
  • 2C - Bob-omb - Improperly called "Bomb-ombs" in the game, these black Nintendo icon bombs are a weapon type that can be used like a walking time-trap for most enemies. When lit and thrown, they will wander around the remote area they landed, sometimes even chasing a specific enemy or following the player to find enemies. However each bob-omb explodes after a random amount of time. Some bombs explode within a couple seconds of landing, while other can take up to forty-five or more seconds to detonate. They flash and stand in place before detonating much like they would in most games they appear in, and their explosion even has a large looking BOMB effect. Their radius is incredibly large, although their damage is not identical to the radius of the explosion minus the targets’ distances, and have their own base damage. Another note is that single unlit bob-ombs can be found just wandering around the level like their lit forms, waiting to be picked up and used as ammo. Also, boxes of 8 can be found as ammo in addition.
  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - PK Attacks - PK is short for Psychokinesis, a kind of mental ability in the MOTHER series and is called PSI in EarthBound, which is the only game in the MOTHER series officially released in America. In EBDoom, shells are replaced by PK, and the player almost always starts out a game or level reset with a full meter[408 points]. The 3 slot has the first levels of PK Fire, PK Freeze, and PK Thunder respectively. In essence, PK Fire shoots out a line of 6 fireballs, each doing more damage at higher levels, and slightly different sizes. Also they are shot to the player’s right angle, and not directly outwards, making it more interesting for the player to aim. The weapon frames look like a pointed index finger on the left. PK Freeze fires a large ball of icy energy that can track it's enemy if directly in the player's crosshairs. It has the ability to freeze enemies to death, where they soon shatter to pieces, much like the Mage's Ice Shards spell in Hexen, also having the added bonus of removing the slain enemy from the map completely, preventing enemies from resurrecting them or respawning on Nightmare mode. The weapon graphics are two hands cupped together towards the middle of the screen, almost similar to the Shouryuken motion. PK Thunder shoots yellow bolts of electric that actually go through multiple enemies at once, although they are shot towards the left at an angle, making shooting it more difficult for beginners. The weapon graphics resemble an outstretched palm, perpendicular to the ceiling. Also, by each set of weapons frames is a symbol. Five of them exist: the 'Alpha', 'Beta', 'Gamma', 'Omega' and 'Infinity' symbols, representing the levels, from weakest to strongest. PK Fire and Freeze go to to Infinity, and PK Thunder goes to Omega. The 3 slot is all Alpha weapons, the 4 slot is Beta weapons, the 5 slot is Gamma weapons, the 6 slot are Omega weapons, and the 7 slot being Infinity-level PK attacks. Each level of each PK attack takes a certain amount of PK from the player when fired. PK is replenishable through Crystali, which resemble the Crystal Vial, Quartz Flask, Mystic Urn and Krater of Might respectively, except each has a different colored liquid inside of it.
  • 8A - "Hell Gun" - The Hell Gun, as it is called in the DDF files, is a beta-only weapon that is meant to mess around. It looks like the Plasma Rifle, and the normal mode will summon allied Hell Knights or blue-skinned barons of Hell that attack other enemies. The alternate fire will shoot a 'BFG Grenade' that is lobbed a short distance, and will split into 8 smaller, multi-direction BFG blasts that hit enemies around them. Again, this is not a serious weapon, and Baron admits all of slot 8's weapons are just to mess around and will either be removed or made cheat-only in later betas.
  • 8B - "Cyberdemon Gun" - Another beta weapon, it looks like the BFG9000, and the normal mode will summon miniature Cyberdemons(with blue teeth) that attack enemies and help the player until they die. They will also drop another Cyberdemon Gun(looks like the BFG) when they each die to replenish the lost ammo. The secondary fire shoots a spawn cube that will spawn a random monster after traveling a short distance. Again, it is planned to be removed or made cheat only soon enough.
  • 8C - "Lost Soul Summoner" - Again a beta weapon, this one resembles the Rocket Launcher. The normal attack will shoot an allied Lost Soul flying straight forward, much like the player was a pain elemental. The secondary attack at this stage will summon a random Clone ally to attack enemies. Baron states this is one of the attacks that might later be turned into a magic spell, and that the secondary mode will allow the player to charge into enemies like a Lost Soul, or to fly over long gaps.
  • 9A - "The Power of Life and Death" - Again another beta weapon. It looks like a pair of hands, which will glow white when the main attack is used, and glow red for the alternate attack. The main attack actually resurrects several creatures around the player like they were an Arch-Vile. This can be used properly to revive dead ally creatures and helpers. The alternate mode inflicts a massive amount of damage to any enemy within close range around the player, sometimes even killing enemies like Super Cyberdemons in a single hit. Is planned to be removed in later versions.
  • 9B - PK Lifeup Alpha/Beta/Gamma - This weapon is not really a weapon, but is actually able to heal the player. Alpha restores 100 HP, Beta restores 300 HP and Gamma fully restores HP. However there are no weapons graphics for it, and it can be mistaken for another no-framed weapon below.
  • 9C - "Barrier" - This weapon can be held down for rapid fire, and summons an invisible field around the player that blocks them from 95% percent of any attacks in the game, although Arch-Vile fire and explosion damage can still get through. The barrier will also repel(but not damage) creatures that try to get in close. The downside is that the player cannot attack while they are holding up the barrier. The frames look like two outstretched hands, which glow purple when the barrier is being used.
  • 0A - Prayer Blast - This is actually gained by finding a backpack at this state in the game. When used, it has a short delay before release a massive blast of power around the player for a cost of 100+ PK points. This attack is one of the most powerful, but Baron states this is more than likely a beta weapon that will be removed in later betas.
  • 0B - Sigil - Stated in the readme as a test to emulate the effects of Strife's Sigil weapon. The player can swap between all five states of the weapon, and they all work quite accurately, although using it does make the player temporarily invulnerable for a second because they are given a second of the invulnerability powerup to make the white palette effect of using the Sigil, so a crafty player can use it to become impervious to a nasty attack at a small cost of health. However, the health costs are still based on percentages, so the players will find the completed Sigil will remove 66 hit points per shot, equal to 20% of 332 hit points, for example.

New creatures and creatures not imported to EBDoom[edit]

In addition to importing many monsters from Heretic, Hexen, Duke Nukem 3D and other various games, other 'evolved' versions of existing monsters appear in EBDoom.

  • Chainsaw Trooper - Wields a chainsaw and has 2.75x more HP than the common Zombieman. Said to be able to saw through a Demon in 2 seconds.
  • Missile Ranger Sergeant - Wields a mini-missile launcher and make surprisingly good snipers when placed on high elevations. They have roughly 1.8 times the HP of a normal Shotgun Guy
  • Baby Cacodemon - The first listed monster that wanders around from the startup of the level instead of waiting to hear a shot or see the player. They are one of the few 'enemies' that do not actually attack you on sight. They are tiny versions of normal Cacodemons that have recently been born. They will only attack when attacked themselves, not old enough to acknowledge the player as their immediate enemy, and wield weak, but VERY fast fireballs, and will even attack older-aged Cacodemons if they are hit by them. They take roughly four times the damage of a Zombieman
  • Momma Cacodemon - Another EBDoom-exclusive variation of the Cacodemon, these female Cacodemons look identical in structure to the average Cacodemon, but are about twice as big. They take almost identical damage to an Arch-Vile and shoot out large and powerful, though slow-moving versions of normal Cacodemon fireballs. Their bite can also do over 300 damage to a player according to the online monster guide. They are also stated to be the 'spawners' of the Baby Cacodemons and will usually be found where a lot of babies hang around. They do not roam the map on startup, unlike their babies.
  • Baron of Hell Ghost - When barons of Hell are slain in EBDoom, they have a small chance of releasing their soul in the form of a unrelenting ghost that is transparent, can fly, and can move through walls, and can even resurrect other enemies (including their original corpses), much like the Arch-Vile. They also appear to possess stronger fireballs. However they take less damage than their living forms, and they will completely vanish from the map when they die, so the player does not have to worry about them respawning on Nightmare level.
  • Elder Mancubus - A larger(although taller looking than fatter), dark-skinned version of the Mancubus, these creatures are roughly three times as hardy as their younger brethren, and instead of launching fireballs, they shoot railgun slugs from their cannons in a relentless aim that does not stop until the player gets out of their site. They also roam and wander the map on startup as opposed to waiting for an enemy to enter their sight. Also, a 'helper' version of these creatures are common in the game that will actually attack other enemies. These 'helper' Elder Mancubi seem to be more common than the hostile versions as well. Lastly, both versions shrug off explosions much like the Cyberdemon and the Spider Mastermind.
  • Super Cyberdemon - A much larger, but slower version of the original Cyberdemon, they are 1.5 times as strong, and they have a rocket launcher on each arm. They also fire larger and more damaging rockets (in twos), and like the Elder Mancubus, their aim is continuous until the player gets out of their view. However they have little maneuverability in low-elevated areas due to their gargantuan sizes. They also hurt the player if they are at close range when they die, as do the original Cyberdemons now.
  • Gold Lich - A stronger Iron Lich, they take double the damage, and move almost twice as fast. In addition to the common Iron Lich attacks, the Gold Lich can fire a medium-long range flamethrower continuously that can take down mid-level creatures in seconds, and can also spit out Bob-ombs to try to trick the player, although they usually just end up damaging themselves with the bombs.
  • Maulotaur Ghost - Similar in ways to the baron of Hell ghost in the fact they sometimes rise from the corpse of a slain Maulotaur. However they do not appear as often, although they usually wait longer to rise up when they do in order to lower the player's guard. They are transparent and can climb up cliffs instantaneously, although they cannot fly. They also lose their goring attack in exchange for the ability to fire a angular swath of either the original Maulotaur's flame snakes, or a swath of Arch-vile like fire. They take identical damage to their living forms, and are considered a challenge.
  • Scorpion Tank - An enemy that was apparently meant to appear in the add-on for Duke Nukem 3D and was never added. The Scorpion Tank is a stronger and more menacing form of the Riot Tank. They fire continuous lasers and rockets from their front cannons, and the tail of the tank can fire three successive railgun slugs in a row after a small warm-up period. They are twice as armored as the original Riot Tank, and lack a self-destruct button on the back, and Pigcops might still emerge from them when destroyed.
  • Coolie Leader - An evolved version of the Coolie monster in Shadow Warrior. They look identical to their minions, but instead they appear to have some portal technology in their TNT crates and will use it to randomly throw around sticks and sometimes even bundles of TNT as they move around. Some are rumored to also be able to jump, although this appears to not yet be supported. They cannot hurt themselves or their minions with their explosives, but can easily damage other players and monsters around them.
  • Clones - A surprising type of enemy in a Doom game is the clone monster. Currently only Paula clones exist, but one can only assume if Baron continues working on EBDoom that the other characters will also get clones. In the actual game, clones can either be good or evil depending on both the situation and the area the player is roaming. There are 3 levels of each clone[good and bad]. The stronger the clone, the more attacks they can use and more armor they possess. It is rumored in the DDF code of a 'Doppelganger' boss, but this boss has not really been encountered yet. The Paula clones are considered to be among the fastest moving monsters in the game, in similar tune with Paula's own speed as a player character.
  • Pothead - An enemy taken from Arsenic Software's "School Doom" modification of old, the Pothead is now more than just a Zombieman graphics replacement. They will sway to the sides as they move at the player, and can even dodge out of the way of projectile attacks out of pure luck. They however are also so stoned most of the time that they can completely botch up an otherwise perfect shot on the player. They also shoot two pairs of paintball shots as their attack. They take the same damage as the Chainsaw Zombie and the Missile Ranger Sergeant. Also, they can see all around them and it is impossible for the player to sneak up on them.
  • Science Teacher - Another "School Doom" enemy. They are also no long just a Shotgun Guy graphics replacement. Their acid-shooting tubes can shoot upwards of 20 acid particles per shot, and is actually comparable to being shot at by the Super Shotgun of normal Doom 2. Also, they can see all around them and it is impossible for the player to sneak up on them.
  • Deathking Commando - Another "School Doom" enemy. They are no long merely a Cyberdemon graphics replacement, now shooting gas-soaked model rockets in either single shots, double shots, triple shots, or even up to 10 shots at a time. They also throw Bob-ombs in an attempt to trick the player like the Gold Lich, however they can usually get out of the way of the explosions since they are one of the faster monsters in the game. They are slightly more powerful than the Arch-Vile. Also, they can see all around them and it is impossible for the player to sneak up on them.
  • Freakcrappoo Guy - Easily the most peculiar enemy in about any Doom modification, the monster guide says they are a less-evolved version of an enemy in a sister-modification. These versions of the enemy come in either a small, medium or large size and have varying degrees of health. Also, they shoot baron slime, and have the ability to inflict a "Super Critical Hit" at close range that usually kills the target instantly if it connects.
  • Cerberus Puppy - Although they look identical to the Cerberus of Blood, they are actually smaller puppy versions of the original Cerberus[in EBDoom's universe, Cerberus has a neutral allegiance and serves none of the actual bosses in the game and is stand-alone, although his puppies on the other hand can serve any of the major enemies, or even serve the player in some levels as allies]. These monsters are considered the most dangerous of the 'common-level' enemies because they shoot small, yet fast and powerful fireballs that can even be 'smart-fired', or led to hit a moving target based on their movement pattern. Each of their two heads must be destroyed to defeat it, and each head takes the damage of 2 normal Cyberdemons, so it is not an easy foe to kill.

Additionally, some monsters from existing games were NOT imported for various reasons:

  • Stalkers - Creatures of Hexen. Apparently, the type of code required to effectively use these creatures is not implemented yet into DDF, plus with the feature of submergible liquids, Baron says they just wouldn't be of much use now unless a 'swimming' version of these creatures were somehow made.
  • Alien Queen Boss - The queen boss of Duke Nukem 3D's add-on is also absent, according to the monster guide, it is more of story reasons than compatibility issues, although their Protector Drone spawn still remain, except now wielding electrical blasts instead of shrinking rays, in some form of tribute to the queen boss.

Existing creature changes[edit]

Another interesting note is that the author has also made some modifications to various existing and imported monsters that make them a little less predictable. Some changes make the enemies either harder or easier depending on the foe. Also, a global change for all monsters of course is their ability to inflict Critical Hits at random with their melee attacks.

Doom creatures[edit]

  • Zombieman - Drops a Small Crystalis on death instead of an ammo clip.
  • Shotgun Guy - Same as Zombieman.
  • Commando - Their accuracy has been vastly hampered, and they will miss the player much more often at long range, their shots even sometimes hitting the ceilings. They also drop a Small Crystalis when they die.
  • Spectre - They will move slightly faster than the common Demon on -fast or Nightmare skill.
  • Lost Soul - As said above, they can now alter their aim in mid-attack, and this allows them to charge off in a different direction even if they are still charging, attempting to surprise a player.
  • Hell Knight - One new sight sound.
  • Baron of Hell - They throw two slime-balls at once(although they usually appear as one shot unless the player is partially invisible) and also do double melee attack damage. They also drop a Medium Crystalis when they die, and in addition have around a 25% chance of spawning a baron of Hell ghost after death.
  • Arachnotron - Aside from dropping a Medium Crystalis when they die, they only have one or two new sight and death sounds.
  • Pain Elemental - They mainly have only new sounds.
  • Revenant - The Revenant has new sounds, can at rare times fire two of his missiles, and have gained an uppercut punch that does more melee damage at close range. They also drop a 'Kick Sphere' which enhances one of the player's attacks one level when they die.
  • Mancubus - They have mainly new sounds, a more erratic spreadfire pattern, and will drop a random medikit-type item when they die.
  • Arch-Vile - New sounds, sometimes a stronger and more damaging fire attack, and as mentioned above, they can revive each other, almost any other monster and boss, and they can even revive the player if they run past their corpse. They also drop 'Kick Shoes' which enhance one of the player's weapons when grabbed.
  • Spider Mastermind - 25% Smaller, more maneuverable, has 25% more health, making them almost as strong as the Cyberdemon, and they have a chaingun-speed shotgun which they drop for the player to use as a novelty weapon when they die.
  • Cyberdemon - Their Field-of-View is only 60 degrees as opposed to the normal 90 degrees most monsters have, meaning players can be positioned to their side without alerting them. However they now fire five rockets per attack, and each of the five rockets has lesser recovery time between firing. They also drop a high-level armor type when they die, and their death explosion can now hurt nearby players and creatures.

Heretic creatures[edit]

  • Gargoyle - Drops a Small Crystalis when they die.
  • Gargoyle Leader - Drops a Small Crystalis when they die, and they can swoop in on the player more often
  • Golem - Drops a Small Crystalis when they die.
  • Golem Ghost - Most types of attacks will go right through them, such as Bullets and melee attacks. They also drop a small Crystalis when they die.
  • NitroGolem - Same as the Golem.
  • NitroGolem Ghost - Same as the Golem Ghost.
  • Disciple of D'Sparil - Drops a Medium Crystalis when they die.
  • Undead Knight - Drops a Small Crystalis when they die.
  • Undead Knight Ghost - Similar in compatibility issues to the other Heretic-style ghost monsters. Drops a Small Crystalis when they die.
  • Iron Lich - They can now additionally fire single shots of baron slime in addition to their common attacks. The monster manual states this is a symbol of the new allegiance of the Hell demons and the Serpent Riders. They now also drop a a Medium Crystalis when they die.
  • Sabreclaw - Slightly faster moving, and have slightly longer range with their slicing attacks. Drops a Small Crystalis when they die.
  • Weredragon - Their fireballs can now do additional explosive damage(although small). They also drop a Medium Crystalis when they die.
  • Ophidian - Drops a Medium Crystalis when they die. Their iceballs can also freeze slain enemies solid.
  • Maulotaur - Roughly 11% more HP, their flame snake attack is no longer weighed down by gravity and can float, they can spawn tracking flame snakes the follow the player in addition. He will drop a Large Crystalis on death, and has a 20% chance of spawning a Maulotaur Ghost after being dead for 2 seconds.

Hexen creatures[edit]

Note: Because of beta development in EDGE, many of the Hexen-style features such as reflectivity and blocking shots are not yet present, according to the README. This makes various monsters easier in some aspects, while some are given changes to balance the lack of these features.

  • Ettin - Drops a Small Crystalis when they die.
  • Afrit - As mentioned above, their skin is now capable of damaging players and other creatures just by rubbing up against them, although the damage is minor. They also have the ability to strafe backwards or forwards in addition to strafing sideways. They can also adapt their fireball attacks with these new strafing methods, making them even more annoying to hit then they were in the original Hexen. Additionally, they've gained a resistance to fire attacks. They will drop a Small Crystalis when they die.
  • Centaur - As mentioned above, they are not able to block attacks at the mod's current stage, however in return, they are resistant to several types of attacks, and their melee attacks have almost double their original range, allowing them to do a lot of damage in close quarters. They drop a Medium Crystalis when they die.
  • Slaughtaur - They are basically altered in the same way as their Centaur minions, except of course with the addition fireball attack they use in the original Hexen. They are also slightly faster moving than their minions now, and their swords do more damage than their minions. They drop a Medium Crystalis when they die.
  • Green Chaos Serpent - They are 25% faster than their original Hexen forms, and their fireballs move at double their original speed. They drop a Medium Crystalis when they die.
  • Brown Chaos Serpent - They are 25% faster than their original Hexen forms, and their gasballs move at double their original speed. They drop a Medium Crystalis when they die.
  • Wendigo - They are resistant/immune to ice attacks. They drop a Small Crystalis when they shatter.
  • Dark Bishop - Their phasing is enhanced that they can phase diagonally on the X/Y plane, making them harder to hit than originally. They can also fire a stronger form of their jade missiles that additionally do small explosive damage on impact. Their missiles also do not spiral as they track their enemies anymore though, and hit more accurately. They drop a Medium Crystalis when they die.
  • Death Wyvern - They have been vastly changed from their Hexen counterparts, no longer flying from one set point on the map to another, and now fly after the player like most monsters. Also in addition, they are able to still pursue the player in the middle of their fireball attacks, making their attack style unique to many other monsters. They also bite and drain the player's health at close range much faster than their original selves. They drop a Large Crystalis when they die.
  • Reiver - They drop a medium Crystalis when they die.
  • Heresiarch - Because they cannot yet use their reflective shield, they have their HP doubled, they can sometimes shoot more fireballs per attack than usual, and they can additionally spawn in both Dark Bishops and Disciples of D'Sparil now, sometimes in pairs or one of each per summoning. Despite the changes, most players believe the Heresiarch is still marginally easier due to the lack of his nigh-invulnerable shield. They also drop an Extra-Large Crystalis when they die, being still one of the toughest non-boss monsters in the modification.

Duke Nukem 3D creatures[edit]

Note: Baron notes in his README that the Duke Nukem 3D monsters all apparently have double their original health, as so they pose more of a challenge in the game. He is not sure if he will revoke this change if he makes later betas or not. The changes listed here will not mention of the double health change. Additionally, most Duke Nukem 3D enemies can also drop off of high ledges and elevations to pursue the player.

  • Assault Trooper - Drops a Small Crystalis when he dies. His lasers are also more damaging to the player to make him more challenging.
  • Assault Captain - Drops a Small Crystalis when he dies. His lasers do more damage. He can still 'teleport' for a set period of time, however due to the current limits in DDF, he does not truly become intangible, and only invisible, and a cheating player can still see their position on the map and attempt to hit the invisible Captain. Bob-ombs are also very effective against groups of teleporting Captains due to their wide radius.
  • Pigcop - The DDF limits do not yet allow them to dive under attacks, but they are able to use a special 5-shot 'blitzer mode' with their shotgun, shooting 5 shells in rapid succession without having to reload between each shot. However this makes them have to reload all five shells one at a time afterwards, and leaves them greatly open to attack, giving the player both a breather and chance to retaliate. They drop a Small Crystalis when they die.
  • Recon Patrol Vehicle - They will explode instantly when destroyed instead of falling to the ground first.
  • Riot Tank - They can launch a salvo of mortar balls from their top ports, much more than their original counterparts. Due to DDF limitations at this stage, their 'self-destruct' button on the back has no use in defeating them yet.
  • Enforcer - They drop a Small Crystalis when they die. Their jump ability allows them to jump at two different levels of strength: one is more like their usual height, and the other allows them to jump almost twice as high as the first.
  • Octabrain - Drops a random type of medikit when they die.
  • Sentry Drone - They have reinforced protection from bullet attacks.
  • Assault Commander - Drops a Medium Crystalis when they die.
  • Protector Drone - As mentioned above, they shoot blasts of electricity instead of shrink rays. Also, like the Enforcer, they can jump at two different heights, one being the normal jumping height, and another that can take them almost 2.5 times as high as normal.
  • Battlelord - Battlelords and their lesser kin are unaffected by the shots of each other, and other Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior Boss-rank enemies. The little Battlelords drop a Large Crystalis on death, while the larger ones drop an Extra-Large Crystalis on death.
  • Overlord - Overlords and their lesser kind have similar immunities as the Battlelords, and are unaffected by them and other 3D Realms boss-rank enemies to make them fight better in groups. Their lesser forms drop a Large Crystalis on death while the larger ones drop an Extra-Large Crystalis on death.
  • Cycloid - Cycloids and their spawn have the same types of immunities to 3D Realms boss-monsters as Overlords and Battlelords. Additionally, full grown Cycloids have an additional 250 HP added on to their already doubled HP level, making them shine as the superior Duke Nukem 3D creature of the game. Again, lesser Cycloids drop a Large Crystalis on death, and the full-grown Cycloids drop an Extra-Large Crystalis on death.

Shadow Warrior creatures[edit]

Note: Baron notes in his README that the Shadow Warrior monsters all apparently have double the amount health he assumes they'd have in the original game, as so they pose more of a challenge in the game. He is not sure if he will revoke this change if he makes later betas or not. The changes listed here will not mention of the double health change. Additionally, most Shadow Warrior enemies can also drop off of high ledges and elevations to pursue the player, much like the Duke Nukem 3D creatures. As an additional note, all Shadow Warrior monsters automatically roam the map at startup, due to having similar natures in the original game.

  • Evil Ninja - All five types of the Evil Ninja enemies now have a close range 'backhand slap' attack to knock players away from them. Also, all but the Shadow Ninja drop a Small Crystalis when they die, and the Shadow Ninja will drop a random type of Crystalis when they die. Also, Shadow Ninjas now are fuzzy like the Spectres, and attacks on them can randomly be led off target due to the way EDGE utilizes 'Fuzzy' creatures like the Spectre. Although the jump issues with previous enemies are mostly overcame in version 6.56, the Evil Ninjas still cannot jump as of yet, and they can't duck or climb walls yet either. This will likely be changed for the next version.
  • Coolie - They will drop a Medium Crystalis when they explode.
  • Coolie Ghosts - They can still phase in and out of visibility, but like the Assault Captain, they do not truly become intangible, and can still be hit while invisible. They drop a Small Crystalis on death.
  • Ripper - They cannot yet jump or cling to walls(the author has not gotten around to it yet). They drop a Medium Crystalis on death.
  • Giant Ripper - Same as the original Ripper, except they drop a Large Crystalis on death.
  • Baby Ripper - Same as the original Ripper, except they drop a Small Crystalis on death.
  • Female Ninja - They are also unable to jump as of this stage(again, the author hasn't gotten around to it yet), however they can shoot four different types of arrows: Ethereal(like Heretic's Ethereal Crossbow), electrical, poisonous and their normal wooden bolts. They drop a Small Crystalis on death.
  • Guardian - Drops a Medium Crystalis on death.
  • Serpent God Spawn - They can slash twice with their swords, and drop a Large Crystalis on death. They are also immune to Sumo, Battlelord, Overlord and Cycloid attacks.
  • Serpent God - They cannot spawn their accused heads due to DDF restrictions at this stage, however they can fire four fireballs instead of two. They will drop an Extra-Large Crystalis on death. They have the same immunities as their spawn.
  • Sumo Trainee - Drops a Large Crystalis on death, and his fire works more like the Arch-Vile's version, and will not harm the player if they get out of the Sumo's sight. They are also immune to Serpent God, Battlelord, Overlord and Cycloid attacks as well.
  • Sumo Wrestler - He can sometimes shoot out an eight-direction napalm blast, and his stomp attack is configured to be radius-based and will not damage players or creatures hiding behind walls. He has the same immunities as his students. He will also drop an Extra-Large Crystalis on death.

Wolfenstein 3D creatures[edit]

  • SS Nazi - Same as Commando. Not much of a threat, as they are terrible shots, and their shots will sometimes even hit the ceilings. However, be careful at close range, where than can hit you more often.

Miscellaneous game creatures[edit]

  • Stone Beast - Although they are now called "Super Stone Beasts" in the monster guide, their appearance has not changed from the original Blood add-on. Their stomps utilize the same radius method as the large Sumos, although in three varieties, and in addition, they now possess an 'afterimage dash' that plows them across a room at very high speeds and can do ramming damage. They are also completely immune to fire attacks and bullet/pellet attacks, but take extra damage from ice attacks.
  • Alien Spectres - In addition to the Sigil weapon, the many Alien Spectres from Strife appear in EarthBound Doom as of beta 6.56. All five types are available in the game, although they can only be spawned in the Briefing Room level(except the first type, which one appears in MAP03 on the harder difficulties). They use the same attacks they did in Strife. However the difference between the Strife and EBDoom versions of the Spectres is that the ones in EBDoom also take damage from melee weapons in addition to the Sigil, but all other attacks pass through them completely.
  • Entities - As with the Alien Spectres, the Entity and its' Sub Entity minions also are in EBDoom. They can only be spawned in the Briefing Room. However there is now a new type of Entity called the "Trick Entity", which initially appears to be a lone Sub-Entity, but will do a reversal and split off into three full-blown Entities when it is destroyed, in a similar manner to how a normal Entity splits into three Sub Entities when killed.


EBDoom also has the option of helpers that can assist the player. At the current stage in development, most helpers only appear in the Briefing Room level, although a couple will appear in the other levels and the modified Doom and Doom 2 levels. Almost all player-character based helpers have the ability to strafe in erratic patterns during the game to make it harder for enemies to target them.

  • General Taggart (aka Doomguy) - The general is meant to represent the original player character from the Doom games. The storyline of EBDoom seems to state that he is from a different universe which revolved around the original series, with the exception that the Icon of Sin(called 'Baphomet' in some places) was able to split his dying energy into two new enemies, Babel and Comtar, and that Babel wishes to destroy the general by having the Serpent Riders send him to EBDoom's universe. The general is capable of using every known Doom and Doom 2 weapon, and in addition can also use three versions of the Plasma Rifle, two of them having a 'shotgun/super shotgun' type alternate attack mode, and he also appears to have the BFG2704 as an alternate BFG attack. In EBDoom, the general can take more damage than the Super Cyberdemon due to his powerful armor and strong endurance, as opposed to just 100 hit points.
  • Corvus - Corvus is the main character of Heretic, and also it's non-Serpent-Rider-related sequel Heretic II. According to the monster guide, he has recently been sent by the now redeemed Morcalavin to seek out the final of the once-insane Seraph's creations, however he discovers that D'Sparil and the other Serpent Riders are again alive, and attacking Earth. He fears that the once-corrupted Spell of Ascension used by Morcalavin might be responsible for their resurrection. He is considered by most players to be the most powerful helper due to the fact he takes more damage that even the Heresiarch and almost as much as a Cerberus Puppy due to his endurance and many types of armor[both Heretic and Heretic 2 armor-types apparently]. Also, he retains his Ethereal Crossbow, Hellstaff, Phoenix Rod and Firemace. He can wield all four weapons in either normal or tomed variations, and the Hellstaff he wields is actually a cross of both games' version of the weapon, and has two separate tome-attacks.
  • Hissy - As an icon of the Doom community in general, some players of EBDoom are both happy and confused by her appearance in the game. According to the story, Hissy has only recently been returned to her own Cacodemon habitat underground by her step-brother Squissy Demon, the events of which are all in a sister-modification known as Cacodemon Squad, made by a close friend of Baron's in the community. However, in EBDoom, instead of making Hissy a damsel-in-distress, Baron gives her a main fighting role, and a major support role. In the current demo, Hissy communicates with the player through telepathy often, warning them of particular threats on the road ahead. In the other non-plot related levels Hissy will actually attack enemies with special versions of normal Cacodemon fireballs which have a powerful afterblast that can cripple most low to mid level monsters. Hissy is also completely intangible to all attacks and cannot be damaged by either the player or other foes.


Serpent Riders[edit]

A wall mural of the three Serpent Riders from EarthBound Doom. From left to right: D'Sparil, Korax, Eidolon.

The Serpent Riders additionally appear as one combined force in the EarthBound Doom modification. All three Riders have two versions of themselves. The first is a clone-type monster with their original game stats (including the Chaos Serpent D'Sparil rides on and clones of D'Sparil on their own) of which many are intended to appear throughout the game to try to trick the player or give them a challenge. Then there is the 'true form' versions of each rider, the Hit Points of which are believed to exceed at least one hundred thousand, with Eidolon possibly reaching a million.

  • "D'Sparil" - In some of the non-plot levels, it is possible for the player to confront D'Sparil himself, or at least a 'weaker clone' of him. These weaker clones of D'Sparil can appear either mounted on a weaker clone of his Chaos Serpent steed, or they can spawn in on the map stand alone. For the most part, they act exactly identical to D'Sparil's Heretic form, although not able to truly teleport to specific points, they can teleport to random areas nearby to confuse the player anyways, and can shoot their sparking blue electric bolts, spawn in Disciples of D'Sparil to attack their foes, or even shoot a new attack, a powerful tracing rocket much like a Cyberdemon rocket that can do severe damage to an unarmored player. Statwise, D'Sparil clones, and "D'Sparil on Chaos Serpent" clones have identical stats to their Heretic counterparts, at 2000 hit points for the Serpent, and 3500 for D'Sparil himself. Baron states in his README that a 'true' form of D'Sparil exists for near the end of the game, and that the true D'Sparil and his Serpent steed will each have vastly increased Hit Points from their clones, "upwards of 100,000 or more" as he states.
  • "Korax" - As with D'Sparil, players can less often encounter Korax 'clones' in various non-plot levels of the current demo. However, the Korax clones gain the power to phase around the area much like the Dark Bishop, though they lose their chaos-summoning powers in return. The Korax clones can also shoot sixes of many of the different monsters' attacks, including many of the newer monsters' attacks. Statwise they are as slow as the original Hexen form of Korax and have the same amount of life at 5000 hit points. However as with D'Sparil, the README states of a true version of Korax whose health is stated to be "at least 250,000 hit points or higher".
  • "Eidolon" - The leader and elder of the Serpent Riders, Eidolon is by far the most powerful, and the stronger in vitality and constitution, taking a huge amount of hits to even harm, and his powers are not all known to us, but we do know he can fire a 3-way BFG-style blast that can destroy Cyberdemons like nothing, and that he is in possession of the Chaos Sphere. It is also known Eidolon prefers the thrill of the fight, and rarely relies on pure deception like his younger siblings. He is a creature to respect, if not completely fear. For the time being it is not available. But it goes to appear in the complete version.

Other Bosses[edit]

  • Babel
    Babel - As of now, he is the only boss the player can face in the normal plot of EBDoom. He resembles the CD2000 player model for Quake 2, looking much like a more fit and slender Cyberdemon. Babel in the game is said to appear in several future levels in a stronger form, and the player fights his weaker state in the demo levels. In this state, Babel can fire two rockets in succession, fire off a chaingun, and shoot the Tesla Cannon from Blood at his enemy. In his first form, he actually takes less damage than a single Cerberus Puppy and is actually not considered a big challenge to the player yet. He appears in MAP05: Demon Star.


Note: Baron uses unique map names for many of his levels, such as E0M0, or MAP00 for example.

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