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J. Edwards






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Alpha Labs - Sector 2

J. Edwards was a UAC scientist who worked in Alpha Labs Sector 2 during the events of Doom 3. He was one of the few personnel who survived the initial invasion of Hell. The Player first sees him on a security camera and later meets up with him in person.

Edwards understandably wanted to leave the Mars base and expresses his desire to do so when encountered halfway through the game. He leads the Marine though a dark tunnel that is filled with Imps and Maggots, lighting the area with a lantern while the Marine fights the demons off. Just before they manage to reach the exit, the pair are attacked by a large number of Imps; Edwards is killed in the attack.


  • Even if you rush ahead and kill the attacking Imps before they reach Edwards, his death will still be triggered as it is a scripted event (he will suddenly keel over and die).
  • Edwards can be killed prematurely if you are not careful. The monsters will usually focus on you, rather than him, but a single hit from a stray fireball will kill him.