EnPro Labs (Doom Resurrection)

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EnPro Labs is the first level of Doom Resurrection. It is another area of the EnPro Plant location. The player awakens to find the rest of their squad dead and decides to try to escape the area alone. He meets Dr. Garrett and Sam a short way into his journey. The machine gun and shotgun are introduced as weapons, and the zombie, fat zombie, and imp first appear as enemies. The level has a par time of 8:00.


Video playthrough by Andrew Stine (Linguica).


Other points of interest[edit]


This level has three secrets:

Areas / screenshots[edit]



Enemy Recruit Marine Veteran Nightmare
Zombie 21
Fat zombie 11
Imp 4


There are 11 items which count toward the total on this level.

Item Recruit Marine Veteran Nightmare
Assault rifle 1
Shotgun 1
Med kit