Enpro Plant: Energy Processing and Storage

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Map name: game/enpro
"Marine. Bravo Team is down. Their operational status is unknown. They were carrying a military transmission card. It's vital you retrieve that card as it contains encoded data needed to send the distress signal to the Fleet. You're the last hope to get reinforcements. Find that card and find it fast."
― Sergeant Kelly [source]

Enpro Plant: Energy Processing and Storage is the ninth level of Doom 3. It begins with Bravo Team being ambushed and wiped out, save for a single survivor. The Lost Soul is introduced in a cutscene, and Wraiths first appear here as well. Some rooms are less claustrophobic but more acrophobic, and there is an abundance of plasma cells. Swann and Campbell give up their attempt to intercept the marines sent to transmit a distress call, and therefore travel by vehicle to the communications complex. A marine hiding from Swann gives the player the transmission card at the end of the level.

This is also the level where The Lost Mission begins.


The level begins with Bravo Team being ambushed and massacred by the demons. During the fight, one of the marines accidentally shoots a coolant pipe. The damaged pipe releases excess pressure (which had built up due to workers' negligence) which destroys one of the main reactor's cooling rods, causing the reactor to overheat.

The Player is subsequently given two tasks: Fix the damaged reactor, and retrieve the transmission card from Bravo Team. A Sentry Bot assists the Player during the first part of the level. The Player also encounters two new enemies: the Lost Soul and the Wraith.

After getting down to the reactor and replacing the cooling rod, the Player fights his way to Bravo Team's location, where he meets up with a single survivor. The survivor gives him the transmission card, but is then killed by a Wraith. With the card in hand, the Player exits the EnPro Facility and heads to Communications Transfer.


Exit the transfer bay, collect all health from the Health Station and continue. Note that the stairs collapse after descending them.

There is an imp in the storage door to the right, and one zombie in the room. Nothing special there, but you'll likely activate a security sentry. Follow it down the corridor - the enemies will start attacking in larger numbers when you reach a control room. After the first door, there is a screen that is used to close a gas leak.

In Maintenance 1, there is a plasma gun reached by following the left wall, and entering the area with the pipe leak. Picking it up activates a few enemies. Continue following the sentry, with the enemies picking up near the end of its route (including attacks from behind).

In Power Core Access, there's some items to the left. Otherwise head to the ladder on the right and ascend. Enter the room with the crying woman and watch her get converted to a lost soul - after killing what's left of her, a second will appear. Use the screen to unlock the exit door and extend the bridge, and about five more lost souls will attack.

Chamber 1 Upper first has lost souls approaching at long range, and one of them may blindside you. Simply walk around the chamber to the storage hall and enter Chamber 2, where large numbers of imps will attack with support from Lost Souls. There is one last maggot guarding the elevator when you approach. Head down the lift. A few enemies are present in the lower level, but they teleport in larger groups in the storage hall (including with teleporting in from behind.)

Chabmer 1 Lower is initially quiet. Head to the room on the left and use the screen to replace the rod. Watch the cutscene. When you exit, there will be a large attack from lost souls, and a few imps at ground level. You can now backtrack to the locked door, with two maggots attacking in Chamber 2 (one which approaches from behind). Lost souls attack in the upper part of Chamber 2 when approaching the door, and there may be a few final stragglers in the Storage Hall.

Control 2: Wraiths attack soon after opening the door, and there's an imp hiding in the closet behind the consoles on the left. A wraith also attacks when you pass the barrels on the stairs to the right, with flanking by a maggot and an imp. The left-hand path leads to armor and a monster closet opening a maggot. Continue down the corridor.

Plasma Control starts with a zombie, and has a second zombie in the back corner behind boxes. Exiting has an imp approach near the door.

Maintenance 3: Back attack from a maggot soon after entering the room.


  • Paul Raad: Control 1, on desk right of the screen that seals the valve leaks.
  • Theresa Chasar: Power Core Access.
  • Steve Hammer: Garage Exit, behind stacked crates in vehicle area




  • Grenades
  • Plasma Gun
  • Medkits
  • Security Armor
  • Armor Shards
  • Military Transmission Card
  • Shells
  • Clips
  • Ammo Belts
  • Plasma Cells
  • Sentry Bots

Storage Cabinets/Door Codes[edit]

  • Storage Cabinet #063: 972 - found in Theresa Chasar's audio log
  • Plasma Storage Room: 734 - Steve Hammer's audio log

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