Enpro Sector 1

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"Hello? Is anyone there?"
― Dr. Richard Meyers [source]

Enpro Sector 1: Energy Processing and Storage is the first level of The Lost Mission. The pistol, machine gun, and shotgun are first available here. The zombie, Z-Sec, commando, wraith, and imp make their first appearance in this level.


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

The mission starts with a cutscene six hours into the invasion showing the ill-fated Bravo Team falling under an ambush of wraiths and imps. The screen fades to white as one of the members of Bravo Team accidentally shoots one of the pipelines in the room, causing a chain reaction explosion which culminates in destruction of one of the main plasma reactor's coolant rods. It then cuts to show a Marine's legs dangling outside of a crawlspace, blood smeared on the floor beneath him. Moments later, he is dragged inside by some unknown force or creature.

The Marine then wakes up, alone and surrounded by dead UAC personnel. He picks up a pistol before being ambushed by a group of wraiths. After leaving the room, the Marine moves through the Coolant Junction, encountering some imps along the way. This continues as he passes through the Primary Coolant Transfer, with commandos and zombies eventually being thrown into the mix.

After some fighting, the Marine manages to make his way into the control room from a different section of the Primary Coolant Transfer, upon dropping down into the room, a scientist's voice is heard on a nearby monitor. After finding the monitor, the scientist, who introduces himself as Dr. Richard Meyers, explains that he is trying to destroy a bi-dimensional teleporter which leads to Hell, which could be used by the demons to get as far as Earth. With an SSD drive being plugged into the computer to which he's transmitting, he gives the Marine instructions for the array that can be used to redirect auxiliary power from Enpro to the Exis labs. With that, the Marine sets out for Enpro Sector 2, grabbing Chief Engineer Allen Rhodes' PDA before being ambushed by a variety of hellspawn. He then uses the PDA to get to the lift which leads to Enpro Sector 2.

Spoilers end here.