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Enpro Sector 2: Energy Processing and Storage is the second level of The Lost Mission. The grenade, double barrel shotgun, and the grabber are first available in this level. The maggot, forgotten one and arch-vile make their first appearances in this level.


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

After arriving in Enpro Sector 2, the Marine is immediately ambushed by Maggots, followed by various others such as zombies and Imps. After finding access for the auxiliary core, the Marine is forced to search the base for a PDA that has access. He eventually finds his way into the Coolant Flow Area, battling through Imps and Forgotten Ones until finding a small office which houses the PDA of Chris Vargas.

After backtracking and gaining access to the auxiliary core, the Marine inserts the SSD into a nearby console, where he is contacted by Dr. Meyers. He instructs the marine to use the Ionized Plasma Levitator, or the grabber gun, to grab plasma from a working conduit, and put it into the non-functioning one before raising the shields to both conduits. After power is restored to the nearby lift, the Marine heads down into the Lower Coolant Junction, where he is ambushed by an Arch-vile. After dispatching the Arch-vile, the Marine heads into the lower chambers of the auxiliary core. He then proceeds to transfer power to the Exis labs, after doing so, Dr. Meyers tells him to go through the sub-levels in order to meet him. The Marine then heads to a nearby lift to the sub-levels, but not before being ambushed by another Arch-vile. Once the Arch-vile and his friends are taken care of, the Marine proceeds down into the Underground.

Spoilers end here.


Auxiliary Power Core
Locate the Auxiliary Power Core and upload the SSD
Prime The Core
Prime the Auxiliary Core by using the IPL a.k.a. 'grabber gun' to release a plasma particle directly into the non-working primer tube
Transfer Power
Use the console in the Lower Chamber to transfer power to the Exis lab





The monster count on Nightmare is the same as on Veteran.

Enemies Recruit Marine Veteran
Zombie 7
Machine gun Z-Sec 5 6
Shotgun Z-Sec 1
Forgotten one 3
Imp 27
Maggot 18 19
Wraith 1 2
Tentacle commando 5
Arch-vile 3

Some imps and maggots on this level are spawned by arch-viles, thus their amount may vary. In these cases only the amount of spawn points is shown.

Two of the arch-viles have 300 health instead of the regular 425.


The item count is the same on all skill levels.

Items Amount
Grabber 1
Double barrel shotgun 1
Machine gun 2
Shells (small) 4
Shells (large) 6
Clip (small) 5
Clip (large) 10
Grenades 2
Med kit (small) 2
Med kit (large) 9
Armor shard 24
Security armor 4

There are three health stations with 100 health each on the level.

Starting inventory[edit]

If the player starts this level via a console command, they will start with these items:

Items Amount
Pistol 1
Shotgun 1
Machine gun 1
Bullets (large) 2
Shells (large) 4
Clip (large) 4