Enter the Doom Chapter 2: Legacy

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Title screen.

Enter the Doom Chapter 2: Legacy is an upcoming sequel of released in 2005 Enter the Doom Chapter I: Lucido Attack, which narrated story about the adventures of group of doomers in virtual reality. Just like in Enter the Doom Chapter I, almost all it's characters have real prototypes among real doomers - Doom Power Forum and Doom Power website users.

Game details[edit]


Enter the Doom Chapter 2 continues the theme of doomers fighting against demons, and picks up immidiately where Chapter I left off: a lone zombieman attacks MAZter, and protagonist, being unarmed, escapes from the monster to his flat, where he notices the changed its color sky. On the balcony, MAZter, to his shock and horror, sees a hellish-red sky, and burning in the distance buildings. Protagonist now realizes that a war against demons moved from virtuality to the reality...

Story (from the EtD2 beta)[edit]

At this moment, MAZter gets a phone call from ProTosS, who acknowledges MAZter's fears about what happened, and tells him to meet at the appointed in advance place for a certain time. Armed with a bat, MAZter breaks through zombies that are wondering Moscow's streets, and gets to the appointed place just in time, where he jumps on the move in the car, that is being driven by ProTosS, having gone from chasing monsters almost at the last moment. Besides him and ProTosS, Post is also in the car.

Understanding, that there is no point to stay in Moscow anymore, ProTosS tells that they must leave the city, because it will be captured by monsters (if it's not already), and suggests to go the supposedly military object, known as "Star Town" (rus. "Звёздный Городок"). ProTosS also tells that he left a message on Doom Power Forum for everybody, in which he told that everyone, who can, should go to the Star Town ASAP. Suddenly, some black car catches them, and how ProTosS judged by it's speed - obviously not with good intentions. MAZter asks Post to give him his "Desert Eagle" gun for a while, then leans out of their car's window, and starts shooting at the car pursuing them, and after some time, he's able to shoot through one of it's tires. Realizing that from now on they must defend themselves on their own, on the way to Star Town they stumble on the weapons shop. Inside, someone else accidentally opens fire on them, and MAZter recognizes AK-01. He apologizes for his hasty action, and helps doomers to load available weapons in shop in the car, also joining them. Doomers continue their way to the Star Town, simultaneously wondering what happened and what could be the cause of the invasion from the virtuality to the real world. ProTosS suggests that if someone is involved in this, then it is most likely none other than Lucido: while he distracted doomers, by somehow dragging them into a virtual reality, and keeping them for some time there, the demons have found a way to sneak into reality, and start invasion; additionally ProTosS guesses that Lucido could be also the one who helped the demons to get to the reality. In any case, it become clear to doomers, that not only they are in danger - in fact, the whole Earth is. Upon arrival, doomers find that besides them, nobody is in Star Town yet. MAZter walks away for a few seconds (according to his own words, "to visit a restroom"), but after time passes, he doesn't come back. ProTosS goes to check what was going on, and after a few seconds, loudly cries MAZter's name. AK-01 and Post rush to ProTosS, and there, they discover that MAZter disappeared...

Differences between RM2K and RM2K3.[edit]

The game is based on the RPG Maker 2003 game engine, released in 2003, with PM2003 (Power Mode 2003) patch from firesta. Unlike RM2K, RM2k3 supports MP3 music, and with the PM2003 - OGG/IT. Character's HP (health points) are increased to 9999, and character's level cap has been increased from 50 to 99. Also, the sprite limit (limit of images) on the screen in RM2k3 is increased from 20 to 50. PM2003 offers few enhances to RM2k3, adding the ability to create custom title screen and the ability to control by any keyboard's key and mouse.

Battle system.[edit]

EtDCh2 uses a modified DBE (short for "Doom Battle Engine"), known as DBE R2003 (represented on the video below).

The main difference - the interface is adapted using the least possible amount of sprites. The battle system in style is more reminiscent of DooM RPG 2. Unlike EtDCh1, EtDCh2 is focused on team play. Characters that are in the group receive bonuses in battle against monsters. And thanks to the increased vitality of the group, provided at the expense of the characters' different professions, it became possible to wade deep into enemy territory without fearing to accidentally be killed in battle. Now the battles are following the "4 doomers vs 3 monsters" scheme, and only those characters get XP points, that were directly in combat.


Characters confirmed to return in the Chapter 2 are: MAZter Klon ProTosS AK-01 Post raVen Far (his name in Lucido Attack was Olax) Cherepoc Jake Crusher

The names of the other characters were not disclosed due to developer's reasons not to make premature spoiler.

Differences between Lucido Attack and Legacy.[edit]

In addition to the mentioned before battle system, the game has a classification of characters into classes. In EtDCh1, characters were identical to each other in their capabilities, and the only difference between them was in their preferred weapon, as well as bonuses. In EtDCh2, each character will have its class, whose properties are shown as in battle,and out of battle - military (combat) class specializes in any specific types of weapons, civil and military field class is divided into doctors and scouts, and research class gives characters a possibility in battle to find any particular items that may be used in the future in different situations. Also, the player, after the relevant conditions, will be given a possibility to give the characters a certain class and a specialized profession.

Additionally, the player can develop their characters by using a special location in the virtual reality, which will raise the level and experience of the characters without resorting to fighting in the real world. This location is called "Locus Timor", and is a kind of virtual arena for the accumulation of experience, however, no money will be given there.

At the same time, it will be possible to make special drinks in the game, that can give a group under player's control certain effects. These drinks can be mixed to increase up to the maximum effect.

Progress in the development.[edit]

Currently EtDCh2 is being worked out in technical terms, locations are being mapped, and it's storyline is being expanded and improved. EtDCh2 scheduled to be released after some time after the release of the add-on to the Enter the Doom Chapter I, known as Enter the Doom Chapter I: The Evil Trap.


There is a short demo of the project in Russian on the Internet, which includes game's prologue.


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