Entryway (Doom 2016)

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Doom (2016) classic levels
Entryway (Doom 2016)

Entryway is a classic level from Doom (2016). It is a recreation of Doom II's MAP01: Entryway that includes enemies from the later game, but retains the original game's pickup and decoration sprites.

This level is unlocked after finding a part of it hidden in the Site 03 stage. Once unlocked, the full level can be played from the "Classic Maps" tab in the Campaign menu.



Kill the two possessed soldiers in front of you then go up the steps to a green corridor that has several more soldiers in it. Follow the corridor until you enter a large brown room guarded by an imp and another soldier, then turn left and go forward until you see an opening in the wall on your left leading to the exit door. Open the door and press the button behind it to finish the level.

Other points of interest[edit]

As soon as the level starts, turn left to find an outdoor area with a chainsaw.


  1. The northern blue room contains two buttons; press the button closest to the entrance to open a compartment in the corner of the room containing a green armor and two stimpacks.
  2. As you enter the large brown room at the end, flip the switch to your right to lower an elevator. At the top, open the back wall of the elevator to reveal an imp guarding a switch that will open a hidden door in the far corner of the room. It will also cause the elevator to lower permanently (see the Bugs section below).
  3. From secret #2, run off the elevator so that you land on the square platform below. A compartment containing a rocket launcher will open behind the health bonuses in the green corridor.
  4. After flipping the switch in secret #2, head outside through the door that opened and turn right to see three imps guarding a combat shotgun.
  5. Near the door leading to secret #4 is a section of brown wall that can be opened to find a stimpack as well as two imps.


  • Pressing the switch in secret #2 causes the elevator in front of it to lower and get stuck in that position.
  • The imps hiding inside secret #5 are supposed to open the wall leading to it when alerted, however they never do so.


  • The exit button in this level appears to be larger than usual.