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Equinox is a limit removing 13-level mapset for Doom II created by B.P.R.D in 2001. It is listed as one of the Top 100 WADs of All Time by Doomworld. Equinox is known for its large scale architecture, which had a tendency to crash some source ports at the time of its release.



  • The levels themselves have no names. It is likely an oversight, as there are intermission graphics replacements included.
  • The music on level 13 has an interesting history, quote B.P.R.D:
"I stole the music from Level 13 from a dead kid's web site. The kid (sorry, can't remember his name or find the site) who is now dead actually made that piece of music and he wanted that music to be played at his funeral if he died (which, coincidentally enough, he did) Its got that 80's movie fantasy about it, like something from a Stephen Spielberg movie, or from The Exploreres or something."

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