Equipment launcher


Close-up of the Slayer's equipment launcher

The equipment launcher is a weapon system featured in Doom Eternal. It is found along with the frag grenade during the Hell on Earth level, and is thereafter mounted on the Doom Slayer's left shoulder. The launcher can simultaneously function as the flame belch and as a grenade launcher, with a toggle between frag grenades and the ice bomb. The Codex states that the launcher is controlled via a reflex trigger in one of the Slayer's gauntlets.


  • On visiting the Fortress of Doom after completing the Hell on Earth level, VEGA will mention that it has completed a "redesign" of the equipment launcher. This implies that the Slayer used a similar system either before or after the events of Doom (2016).
  • The Betrayer also has some kind of launcher mounted on his left shoulder, and some Atlans also feature shoulder-mounted energy cannons.