Erebus - Level 2: Erebus Dig Site


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Erebus - Level 2: Erebus Dig Site
Map name: game/erebus2

Erebus - Level 2: Erebus Dig Site is the second level of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. The vulgar is introduced in a cutscene, additionally, the Z-Secs and trites also return. Player fights the first boss, Helltime Hunter, and receives the Hell Time power for the Artifact.


The marine continues progressing through Erebus complex. Quite early into this level the marine is confronted by the first Hell Hunter, the Helltime Hunter, who can move from one place to another at very fast speed. The marine uses his grabber to catch the energy balls fired by the two ancient ancient located in the chamber and launch them at the Hunter. After he successfully hits it several times, it burns away and the marine acquires the first power for the Artifact - the ability to slow down time.

After defeating the Hunter, the marine has to go through an ancient machine with doors that repeatedly close at very high speeds by evading them using his newly acquired power. In the next room he acquires a power cell which he will need to use to power up the elevator that will lead him to level 3 of the complex. The marine enters and large chamber containing both the elevator and the control room on the second floor. The marine has to go first to a side room to find the PDA to give him access to the ladder leading to the second floor, then go there, power up the generator with the power cell and activate the lift via a control panel. After doing that, the marine returns to the lfit and rides it to level 3.


Call Main Elevator
Use a power cell to initialize the transfer elevator and then call it to this level.



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The enemy count on Nightmare is the same as on Veteran. The only change in the enemy amount in BFG Edition is the removal of one vulgar on Marine skill level and above.

Enemies Recruit Marine Veteran
Machine gun Z-Sec 10 11
Shotgun Z-Sec 3
Forgotten one 4 6 7
Imp 11 14
Vulgar 6 10 11
Trite 1
Helltime Hunter 1


The only difference in the item count in BFG Edition is the removal of two corpses (Artifact charges) from the map.

Items Recruit Marine Veteran Nightmare
Hell Time 1 0
Bullets (small) 1
Shells (small) 8 7
Shells (large) 2 1
Clip (small) 4
Clip (large) 5 0
Grenades 3
Med kit (small) 5 4 0
Med kit (large) 10 6 0
Armor shard 14
Security armor 4 3
Artifact charge 15 10
Power cell 1

There are four health stations on the level, each has 100 health in reserve.

Starting inventory[edit]

If the player starts the level via a console command, they will start with these items:

Item Amount
The Artifact 1
Grabber 1
Flashlight 1
Pistol 1
Shotgun 1
Machine gun 1
Shells (small) 1
Clip (small) 1

Locker codes[edit]

For the sources of the codes, see Doom 3 locker codes.
  • Storage locker #028 - Equipment: 516. Contains: security armor, bullets (small).
  • Storage locker #029 - Ammunition: 516. Contains: shells (small), clip (small), hand grenades.


  • In Maintenance Elevator, there's a crate on the second floor with the first grenades the player can pickup. There is a machine gun clip hidden behind the crate.
  • In Tablet Site Beta a couple of armor shards are hidden on the top of a construction platform.
  • In Central Excavation, near the door to Excavation Control, there is a part where the fence is torn away. The player can go through there and access a hidden rock ledge beneath the floor and find an armor suit there.
  • In Elevator Bay, after the player fights off all the enemies, one of the elevator shafts will open slightly, revealing a ladder the player can climb. By climbing the ladder and going through a system of pipes, the player can access a locked room with PDA and a storage locker.
  • In Lower Storage there is a shell box on top of the two crates.
  • In Upper Storage one can pick up a crate with the grabber and use it to get up to the second floor for some supplies.


  • Certain parts of this level are copied from the original game. For instance, the Maintenance Elevator area (the starting area) is very similar to the starting area from Caverns - Area 1. The Excavation Control area and the corridor near it are a copy of Lab Section 2 area from Site 3.
  • This level is divided into two parts on the Xbox version of the game: Erebus: Dig Site - Ancient Portal and Erebus: Dig Site - Processing.


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