Erebus - Level 3: Erebus Labs


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Erebus - Level 3: Erebus Labs
Map name: game/erebus3

Erebus - Level 3: Erebus Labs is the third level of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. Wraiths and the regular zombies return, and the player acquires the double barrel shotgun.


At the start, the marine receives a transmission from Dr. Elizabeth McNeil telling him to find a table fragment from Site 1 called The Primitive, which is needed for Dr. Cloud down in Erebus complex to decypher other tablets. In the first part of the level, the marine has to go through ancient Martian hallways, including an area called The Proving Grounds, where he has to dodge high speed projectiles coming out of walls by using the Hell Time power. Soon he reaches the main complex. Inside the first floor he finds a locked door to Site 1 Research and a lift leading to Medical Labs. The marine goes through Medical Labs first and in Medical Ward finds Preston Glenn, who is in the process of turning into a zombie. After killing him, the marine takes his PDA, which gains him access to Research area, and also removes a power cell from a power plant located there. He then returns to the first floor and proceeds to Research area.

The door to Artifact Research, where The Primitive and the exit are located, is locked due to the area being contaminated with toxic gasses. The gas can be vented in Artifact Control, but the marine needs one more power cell to power up the mechanism to do so. The other power cell is located in Offices, so the marine goes there. After going through some corridors the marine finds to main offices - one is Sarge's Office, and the other is Administrative Office. In Sarge's Office the marine finds sarge's locker which contains the keycard to Administrative Office and the double barrel shotgun, a weapon so iconic it out-icons every other weapon. The code to the locker is found in PDA the marine picked up earlier - 428. The marine unlocks Administrative Office and gets the second power cell from there.

The marine then goes to Artifact Control, powers up the plant with two cells and vents the gas, so that he can finally proceed to Artifact Research. In Artifact Research all he needs to do is to pick The Primitive and go to the exit, which is located nearby.


Artifact Storage
Inside this facility is a tablet that Dr. McNeil needs to further her study. Make your way to Artifact Storage.
Power Cells
Locate two power cells to enable the Artifact Storage filtration system and activate it.





The enemy count on Nightmare is the same as on Veteran. There are no differences in monster count in BFG Edition.

Enemies Recruit Marine Veteran
Zombie 30
Machine gun Z-Sec 8 9
Shotgun Z-Sec 2
Forgotten one 3 5 6
Vulgar 14 16 18
Trite 3 5
Wraith 8 11 12


The only difference in the item count in BFG Edition is the removal of two corpses (Artifact charges) from the map.

Items Recruit Marine Veteran Nightmare
Pistol 1
Double barrel shotgun 1
Bullets (small) 1
Shells (small) 8 7
Shells (large) 6 4
Clip (small) 6 5
Clip (large) 4 3
Grenades 3
Med kit (small) 12 10 0
Med kit (large) 4 0
Armor shard 17 15 17
Security armor 3 1
Backpack* 2
Artifact charge** 13 5
Power cell 2
Administration 1
The Primitive 1

* The backpack located in Excavation Transfer Lift contains: bullets (24), shells (16), clip (45). The backpack located on the hidden ledge in Site 1 Research Access contains: shells (16), clip (30), grenades (4).
** Preston Glenn can be killed before he has fully transformed into a zombie, in which case his corpse becomes another Artifact charge.

There are two health stations on the level, each has 100 health in reserve.

Starting inventory[edit]

If the player starts the level via a console command, they will start with these items:

Item Amount
The Artifact 1
Grabber 1
Flashlight 1
Pistol 1
Shotgun 1
Machine gun 1
Bullets (large) 1
Shells (large) 1
Clip (large) 1
Grenades 1

Locker codes[edit]

For the sources of the codes, see Doom 3 locker codes.
  • Storage locker #105 - Supplies: 769. Contains: bullets (small), shells (small), hand grenades.
  • Locker in Sarge's Office: 428. Contains: double barrel shotgun, Administration.


  • There are items located on top of small construction platforms throughout the first part of the level. The platforms can be climbed from the sides like ladders.
  • In Site 1 Research Access there are three large venting machines and there is a gap between between two of them. The player can jump over the railing between those two machines and land on the pipes below. From there a hidden ledge with a backpack and Artifact charge can be accessed, and the player can use a ladder nearby to go back.


  • This level is divided into two parts on the Xbox version of the game: Erebus: Ancient Ruins and Erebus: Artifact Storage.
  • If the player shoots Preston Glenn before he has fully deteriorated into a zombie, it will only take a single pistol shot to kill him and his corpse will become available to charge the Artifact.
  • It is possible to get stuck in the Lab Administration area after obtaining the keycard and power cell. If the player re-enters Lab Systems (the room in which your vision turns red and a wave of zombies attacks) and then backs away into Lab Adminstration before your vision turns red, the door will lock in front of you until all the zombies are dead; but since you will be stuck in the next room with no way to kill the zombies, it will not unlock again.
  • The Sarge's Big Game Hunt arcade game could played in Sarge's office in the original 2005 release. Later versions of Doom 3 replace this game with a redundant copy of Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3.


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