Eric Fantom (Goat)


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A senior member of the squad, Eric Fantom, or Goat as known by his squad, is fiercely religious, and prone to quoting scripture and acts of self-harm in response to his own sins. For the RRTS mission to Mars he pairs up with both Portman and Reaper at different times, and is with Reaper when they spot a Hellknight (Curtis Stahl) escape into the sewers. Goat is killed in the sewers by an Imp that was formerly Dr. Steve Willits. While the squad does attempt to revive him they are unsuccessful. Goat however, having been infected as he was killed by the Imp, revived himself as he mutated. Not fully mutated, he realized he was turning, and after crossing himself, commits suicide by bashing his head into an unbreakable windowpane.

Goat is the only character in the film armed with a shotgun but hardly fires it. He was portrayed by Ben Daniels in the film.

Goat also appears in the novel based on the Doom film, where it is mentioned that he was once a cold-hearted killer, collecting skulls sometimes off of fallen opponents. At some point in time he converted to Christianity.