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Eric Zhao Ou, also known as Amuscaria and formerly Eriance, is an anime artist who sprites and maps within the Doom community. His primary focus is on custom weapons and monsters, although he maps as well (usually only for his own personal projects).


Eric Ou entered the doom community back in 1998, where he joined up with the Hellstorm team as one of the sprite artists. Unfortunately, the project was abandoned soon after and many of his sprites remained unused. After the Hellstorm team broke up, Eriance vanished from the Doom community until 2005 where he announced his own personal project Demon Eclipse, which recycled many of the sprites he made for Hellstorm.

Demon Eclipse prompted Eriance to join the ZDoom community, and later GZDoom. Eriance has since been active member of the Doom community, primarily contributing custom weapon and monster sprites (most of them are in his mod, "Demon Eclipse"). Many of his monsters used in DE and elsewhere are featured in Daniel Gimmer (Tormentor667)'s beastiary.

Eriance has since made some contributions to Knee-Deep in ZDoom, Skulltag, and several other mods within the general ZDoom community.

Demon Eclipse was temporary abandoned in 2014 and later partially resurrected as "Demon Eclipse: Hellforged Edition" where its focus was on Episode 2 with completely revamped weapons, monsters, and maps focusing on 'hell-tech'. The tech-base portion of the mod was completely stripped and released as a separate project thanks to the efforts of BlueShadow. In 2015 DE:HE was dropped due to real-life catching up, forcing Eriance to leave the Doom community.

As of September 8th 2017, Amuscaria came back after being revitalized, said he would go ahead and complete Episode 1 of Hell-Forged. The first episode, Fortress Of Anguish, released as version 1.00 on August 18th 2019. It received one of that year's Cacowards.

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