Eric Yick Leung


Hacked ENDOOM screen in Doom v1.6

Eric Yick Leung, also known as Pook Gai (a Cantonese swear word), was a deathmatch tournament player and student at the University of British Columbia, noted for taking credit for releasing an unofficial v1.6 patch for the registered version of Doom. A self-proclaimed "King of DOOM" and "DOOM-GOD", Eric challenged John Romero to a deathmatch on Usenet. Among other boastful claims, he stated that he practiced "12 hours a day", taking "wake up pills" in order to keep playing.

Recent evidence suggests that the personality and actions of Leung were a deliberate invention as part of an early and elaborate instance of Internet trolling.

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  • Usenet post challenging Romero, with Romero's response.
  • 780 Tuners forum post where users TurboBlueNX and Marximus admit to creating the personality of Eric Yick "Pook Gai" Leung during their Doom playing days.[dead link]