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Doom (2016) multiplayer levels

Excavation is a multiplayer level in Doom (2016), one of the nine original stock multiplayer maps. Bethesda describes the map as a modest-sized UAC mining outpost;[1] it includes an outdoor section themed after the outdoor areas of the UAC Mars Base, as well as some smaller caverns. Mining machinery is dotted around the area, including an active rock grinder that constantly sprays blood.


The outdoor section is more open than the rest of the level, but players can take advantage of this by grabbing the BFG-9000 that spawns at the left-most entrance to the caverns. The caverns are smaller and linked by winding tunnels; there is also a small but lethal pit below an ore carrier on the right-hand side which needs to be avoided. There is a one-way blue portal near a conveyor belt that will transport players to the top of the left-most cavern near the BFG spawn, but it has a lethal rock grinder in front of it.

A haste powerup can spawn on top of the sloped conveyor belt in front of the blue portal, but care must be taken not to fall into the grinder after picking it up. A mega health will also spawn on top of a circular vent next to this conveyor belt.

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