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Doom Eternal missions
The Ancient Gods, Part One
The Ancient Gods, Part Two
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Exultia is the second level of Doom Eternal. To locate the remaining Hell priests, the Doom Slayer must upgrade his Celestial Locator with components found in the throne room of King Novik, and by seeking out the Betrayer at his stronghold in Hell.

This level introduces the gargoyle, Hell knight and revenant enemies (plus the lost soul and dread knight via optional encounters), along with the plasma rifle. It also introduces the blood punch and dash abilities.

"To put an end to the demonic consumption of Earth, the Hell priests must be eliminated. Following the death of Deag Nilox, the remaining two Hell Priests have gone missing. You must return to Exultia, forsaken city of Sentinel past, to acquire the device necessary to locate the remaining priests and save Earth."
― Loading description



Rebuild the Celestial Locator
Locate King Novik's chamber
Retrieve the Celestial Casing
Activate the Trans-Dimensional Portal
Obtain the Celestial Power Core
Locate the Betrayer
Get to the exit portal.


There are no challenges for this level.

Secret encounter[edit]

  1. In an isolated tower with a giant statue near the trans-dimensional portal: 20 seconds to kill two cacodemons.
  2. Near the remains of an Atlan in the hellish area: 4 minutes to kill a few lost souls.

Special items[edit]

  • Automap
    1. In the flesh tunnels
  • 7 extra lives
    1. On a platform below the starting area
    2. In the central area above the rune
    3. Outside the rotating wall building, on a climbable wall
    4. Behind the throne in King Novik's throne room
    5. In the fleshy room near the modbot
    6. Between electrified walls, above lava
    7. Below a falling platform just before the final fight
  • 1 Soulsphere
    1. Behind a breakable wall in the hellish platforming area


  • 1 modbot
    1. In the flesh tunnels
  • 1 Sentinel crystal
    1. In the river of purple goo in the Titan's corpse
  • 7 Codex pages
    1. "Exultia"
    2. "The Wolf"
    3. "History of the Sentinels - Part I" above the rotating wall
    4. "King Novik" in the corridor leading to the throne room
    5. "History of the Sentinels - Part II" near a staircase in the hellish part of the level
    6. "History of the Sentinels - Part III" in platform Hell, near the unstable GADs
    7. "The Betrayer" near the level exit
  • 1 Sentinel battery
    1. On the path to the second part of the level
  • 1 rune
    1. In the electrified circular corridor
  • 1 Slayer key
    1. On a rock platform above the Slayer Gate.
  • 1 Empyrean key
  • 2 toys
    1. "Arachnotron" in a side passage below the rune
    2. "Cacodemon" on a ledge behind a lava flow
  • 1 cheat code
  • 1 album
    1. "At Doom's gate" in a passage hidden by a metal cube in the hellish part, near the giant mech arm


  • This level features ambient music, both containing callbacks to previous music in the series. The first refers to "The End of DOOM", serving as the Betrayer's theme, and another being Doom 64's ending theme, "Finale"