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Exultia is the second level of Doom Eternal. To locate the remaining Hell priests, the Doom Slayer must rebuild his Celestial Locator with components found in the throne room of King Novik, and by seeking out the Betrayer at his stronghold in Hell.

This level introduces the gargoyle, Hell knight and revenant enemies (plus the lost soul and dread knight via optional encounters), along with the plasma rifle. It also introduces the blood punch and dash abilities, as well as weapon points.

"To put an end to the demonic consumption of Earth, the Hell priests must be eliminated. Following the death of Deag Nilox, the remaining two Hell Priests have gone missing. You must return to Exultia, forsaken city of Sentinel past, to acquire the device necessary to locate the remaining priests and save Earth."
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Rebuild the Celestial Locator
Locate King Novik's chamber
Retrieve the Celestial Casing
Activate the Trans-Dimensional Portal
Obtain the Celestial Power Core
Locate the Betrayer
Get to the exit portal


Novik's castle[edit]

Walk forward to the edge of a pit and look down to see a pitted wall that you can jump to. Look left from this wall to jump to a second pitted wall, then look right to jump to a doorway with a green wolf next to it (they will help guide you through the level). Go through the doorway and kill the zombies below you then drop down and jump over a pit with a monkey bar inside it to reach a green-cracked wall that you can punch through. Turn right and head up the steps to a combat arena that introduces the gargoyle - if it leaps into the air and emits a green aura, be ready to dodge its acidic projectiles. When all the major enemies are killed, a Hell knight will burst through a sealed door; keep your distance as much as possible to avoid its melee attacks and jumping slams. After killing the knight, go through the door it burst through to enter a chamber containing the blood punch pickup (if tutorials are enabled, you will be transported to a practice area that teaches you how to charge and use this ability).

After acquiring the blood punch, a lift will carry you down to a tunnel with three zombies; kill them then drop down to a passage that has arcing electric currents that you must time your runs past, while killing any demons that get in your way. At the end of the passage you will find the first runestone; take whichever rune you wish from it then go through the opening on your right and head down the steps until you reach a blaster soldier. Look down to see an open chamber with more soldiers and jump down there, but use caution as there are fireball launchers in the middle of the room and a knight is waiting behind the columns. After clearing out the enemies, head through the open door to get outside to a ruined bridge where some gargoyles and a cacodemon will appear, then cross the bridge and enter the rotunda to reach the next combat encounter which includes imps, blaster soldiers and a cacodemon followed by an arachnotron. After clearing the encounter you should receive your first weapon points; spend them as you wish then head through the indicated doorway and turn right to go back outside. Follow the mossy path past more zombies until you reach a monkey bar leading to a pitted wall, which you can climb up to reach a room with a rotating wall. Follow the wall round to the opposite side of the room to find a punchable block and use it to reach the upper floor - there are three breakable chains in this area indicated by green lights, and you must stand on top of the rotating wall to reach them. After punching all the chains the wall will rise; drop down to the lower floor to collect the dash pickup. Go through the portcullis that opens in front of you and use your new ability to reach a platform below; from here you can climb up two pitted walls to reach the door to King Novik's throne room.

Beyond the portal[edit]

After the cutscene, head straight forward until you reach a large pit and use your dash to jump over it, which will return you to the rotunda; avoid standing in the water as it is now electrified. Deal with all the demons that teleport in, including a cacodemon and a couple of knights, to re-open all the doors then go through the door you used to reach the room with the rotating wall. This time, a portcullis has opened in front of you - go through it to collect the first Sentinel battery of the game, then head straight forward over a gap until you reach a thruster that will give you enough height to enter the trans-dimensional portal and teleport into Hell. Take the plasma rifle in front of you and go forward to an arena that introduces the revenant enemy - try using the Sticky Bomb or Precision Bolt mods or the blood punch to destroy its shoulder launchers. Once the revenant and other enemies have been killed, go down to the bottom floor to find an Atlan arm in front of a cracked wall that cannot be broken down by punching - instead, enter the flesh tunnel next to the arm and follow the stream of purple goo (which will prevent you jumping or dashing) until you reach an automap station, killing any tentacles that emerge in front of you. Walk past the station to get out of the goo, then climb up a pitted wall to find a modbot and a passage leading to a Sentinel power core which you need to pick up. Go through the opening in front of you to drop back into the area with the Atlan arm and plug the power core into it to clear your way forward.

Go through the wall you just destroyed and leap across two pitted walls; when you reach the second wall, turn round to find a platform with a Codex page that you can leap to. Go up the staircase past a blaster soldier and some zombies to reach a pressure pad with green rings in front of a giant gate; there are five such pads that need to be activated in sequence. The third pad is down a hole - after activating it, you will need to leap across a monkey bar and two pitted walls to climb out. After activating all the pads and opening the gate, go through it and look down to see an arena with a revenant and arachnotron - you can snipe their weak points from here using the Precision Bolt, but be careful as they will shoot back once they become aware of you. Jump down to the arena and destroy all the monsters that appear, then go through a portcullis that opens in one corner of the arena and turn right to confront an arachnotron and a couple of gargoyles. Head up the steps and leap over a lava channel, then turn left to make a long jump to a pitted wall (the dash refill pickup is introduced here) that you can climb up before turning round to leap to a high platform with another power core. Follow the path past a cacodemon until you walk up a collapsed pillar to an Atlan holding a spear, then go to the end of the spear and plug the power core in to energise the spear, opening a hole through a Titan's torso.

Go through the hole and follow the tunnel until you drop down a long hole to another room with purple goo, then walk through the goo to a breakable wall with some zombies behind it. Follow the passage until you get outside to an area with a spinning chain and some fireball launchers; time your walk past these while watching out for ambushes by a cacodemon and imps, and once you get to dry land climb up another collapsed column to find another Atlan on the other side of a pool of goo. Turn right and head past an arachnotron and zombies into a rock tunnel which you can follow to reach the Atlan, then walk straight forward to a metal block that you can punch so it slides over to the tunnel you just exited, allowing you to reach an overhead monkey bar. Use the monkey bar to swing up to a tunnel containing another power core, then continue following the path until you reach the top of the Atlan. Plug the power core into the socket on the Atlan's shoulder and its shoulder-mounted cannon will destroy a wall ahead.

The Betrayer[edit]

Swing from the monkey bar ahead and dash into the opening you just created to enter a flesh tunnel with more goo, then climb up until you reach a chasm; a cutscene will reveal that this area has unstable platforms, so avoid standing on them for too long. Snipe or dodge the arachnotron firing at you from the other side of the chasm then head straight down until you reach the lava river at the bottom, where you can get on to the first unstable platform. Jump over some flaming chains to reach the second platform, then turn left and swing on a monkey bar to reach a third platform; as this platform starts to drop, dash forward to pass under the next set of chains and reach a launcher that will fire you up to a ledge. Climb the nearby pitted wall to the top then turn left to head into a cavern with some gargoyles, which you can run straight through to find an archway with electric arcs running across it. Time your run through the arch to jump across to a pitted wall, then turn round to find a second wall from which you can jump to a ledge below. Look down into the chasm to see some more chained platforms, which you can follow down to the door leading to the Betrayer's hideout.

After the cutscene, climb up the steps and enter the launcher at the top then follow the path to another chasm with more unstable platforms. After jumping down to the first unstable platform, dash through the gap in the chains ahead to a second platform then jump forward to solid ground; after leaping over a short gap you will need to quickly jump up three more platforms while dodging a swinging chain to reach the next safe zone. From this safe area, jump on another unstable platform then swing across two monkey bars and dodge another swinging chain to reach the Isle of Torment where the final arena is located - there are plenty of enemies here so you need to stay on the move, but you will also find an Onslaught powerup on a platform that will significantly boost your damage output for a short time. Once all the demons are destroyed, a blue slipgate will open - step into it to finish the level.


There are no challenges for this level.

Slayer Gate[edit]

After crossing the first set of unstable platforms and launching up to a high ledge, climb the nearby pitted wall; you will just be able to see the Slayer Gate to your right on the ledge above. Continue on to a cavern with gargoyles and climb to the uppermost ledge, then turn round to see a dash refill pickup - if you jump and dash in this direction you will be able to drop down to a platform holding the Slayer Key, and from here you can simply drop down to the Gate.

Interacting with the gore nest behind the Gate will transport you to an arena that initially holds a crowd of imps and gargoyles, which will be followed by revenants and a new enemy, the dread knight - similar to Hell knights, keep your distance from the dread knight to avoid its melee attacks and slams but be ready to dodge any energy waves it launches at you. Completing the encounter will reward you with three weapon points and the first Empyrean Key.

Secret encounters[edit]

  1. Near the trans-dimensional portal you will see a statue with a monkey bar leading to an isolated tower; you can reach the monkey bars after acquiring the dash ability. This challenge requires you to kill two cacodemons in 25 seconds.
  2. When you reach the Atlan holding the spear, walk down the spear until you reach the Atlan's right hand then drop down to a platform on your left which you can follow round to the gore nest. This challenge requires you to kill a few lost souls in ten seconds.

Special items[edit]

  • Seven extra lives
    1. Instead of jumping off the starting platform, carefully step off it to land on another ledge with a 1UP.
    2. After reaching the first runestone, turn round to see that a monkey bar has appeared. Use it to leap to the platform above and find a 1UP.
    3. After leaving the rotating wall room and dashing to the platform below, turn round to see a 1UP on a pitted wall.
    4. A 1UP is located behind King Novik's throne.
    5. After reaching the modbot in the flesh tunnel past the broken Atlan arm, turn round to jump to a 1UP.
    6. Past the Slayer Gate and the cavern with gargoyles, you will reach an electrified archway. Go to the edge of the platform and look down to see a second archway below you with a 1UP; you will have to time a dash through the archway to collect it and safely reach the ledge ahead.
    7. Shortly before the final arena you will leap over three unstable platforms with a swinging chain between them. After reaching the safe zone past these platforms, look to your right to see another platform with a 1UP under it. You must stand on the platform and wait for it to fall, then quickly leap back to the ledge once you collect the 1UP to avoid falling in the lava.
  • Four soulspheres
    1. At the top of an archway on the bottom floor of the tower containing the blood punch pickup.
    2. If you return to this level after completing it, the dash pickup is replaced with a soulsphere.
    3. In the area where you must stand on green pressure pads to open a giant gate, the third pad is down a hole. Enter this hole then drop down to another platform with a cracked wall; punch it to reveal the soulsphere.
    4. After finding the "History of the Sentinels - Part III" Codex page (see the Collectibles section below), walk along the platform that the page was on until you reach an edge then look down - you should see a monkey bar in an opening in the wall on your right. Swing on this monkey bar to reach a platform with a cracked wall, then punch through that wall to find a soulsphere.

Punch the cracked wall in the corner of the first combat encounter to find a secret armor pickup.


  • One modbot
    1. In a flesh tunnel, just before the first power core.
  • One Sentinel crystal
    1. After using the cannon on the third Atlan to destroy a wall, go through that wall to reach a fleshy area with purple goo. Turn left when you enter the goo and follow it past some tentacles to find the crystal.
  • Seven Codex pages
    1. "Exultia" - after punching through the first green-cracked wall, turn left to see the page ahead of you.
    2. "The Wolf" - before entering the room with the rotating wall, face the same direction as the kneeling statue and look over the low wall to see the page on a platform below.
    3. "History of the Sentinels - Part I" - by one of the breakable chains in the rotating wall room.
    4. "King Novik" - after the cutscene with King Novik, go down the stairs and turn right to find this page.
    5. "History of the Sentinels - Part II" - after destroying a wall with the Atlan arm, you will leap across two pitted walls to a platform with this page on it.
    6. "History of the Sentinels - Part III" - when you reach the chasm with unstable platforms, jump down to the first platform but do not step on it yet; instead, jump to the ledge to your left to find some shotgun shells. From here you can climb up to the page.
    7. "The Betrayer" - at the top of the stairs leading out of the Betrayer's hideout.
  • One Sentinel battery
    1. On the path to the trans-dimensional portal.
  • One rune
    1. At the end of the electrified passage past the blood punch pickup.
  • One Slayer key
    1. On a rock platform above the Slayer Gate.
  • One Empyrean key
  • Two toys
    1. "Arachnotron" - from the runestone, head down the stairs until you reach a blaster soldier. You should just be able to see a cracked wall in the alcove here; punch through it to find the question mark.
    2. "Cacodemon" - after passing the electrified archways and jumping down to a platform, you will see a lava-fall ahead. Jump to the ledge on the other side of this lava-fall then walk round the lava to find a hidden question mark.
  • One album
    1. "At Doom's Gate" - after using the trans-dimensional portal and clearing the first combat encounter in Hell, go down to the broken Atlan arm. There is a metal cube in this area that has an unlit punch symbol on it; punch the block to reveal a hole leading to a question mark.

Areas / screenshots[edit]


  • In the chasm with the first set of unstable platforms, when you leap to the second platform you may see a small opening in the wall ahead. Go through this opening (the lava will inflict some damage) and turn left to find a health pack as well as some objects from the original Doom game, including candles, a floating skull rock and a STARGR1 texture. Interacting with the texture will cause it to rotate and play a sound of laughing and clapping.
  • This level features ambient music containing a callback to "The End of DOOM", serving as the Betrayer's theme.