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FACT: Secret Factory is the fifth map of Mayhem Mansion. It was designed by Darsycho and uses the music track "".


Map of Secret Factory
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


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  1. To get the Billy Morph "good" secret, go to the southern conveyor and head right into a room with the computer head. From here, head back onto the conveyor and head west, looking for a target to the northwest as you do. Shoot it and quickly run back to the room with the computer head to get this secret. (thing 682 via script 162 and "secret trigger" thing 946)
  2. Enter the factor and get on the conveyor to the south. Head west against the flow and shoot the target to the south. Afterwards, go back and to the northwest corner to find some magic. (linedef 159 via script 236 and "secret trigger" thing 1123)
  3. In the room north of the one with the brain mask, activate the switch block on the right, then use the jump pad to get in the middle. Quickly jump left to another jump pad, jumping up to the left ledge. Then head to the jump pad to the north and east, then you need to face south while jumping on this pad, and aiming at the target there (the arbalest seems to be the best choice to hit it with). Hitting it right triggers the "good" secret and gives you lots of money from the column that lowers. (linedef 526 via script 237 and "secret trigger" thing 1124)
  4. A room at the southernmost conveyor with a fake treasure chest has money on several poles. Going up all these poles will trigger the "good" secret. (linedef 553 via script 238 and "secret trigger" thing 1125)
  5. The "hectic" secret is located in a small corridor south of the hexagonal room with two columns in the icy northeast part of the map. Get past the shadows to get lots of money. (linedef 910 via script 137 and "secret trigger" thing 1127)
  6. In the icy northeast part of the map, find a long, north-south hall at the west end and head to the north side where there are icicles to the south. Step on them (you may have to damage them a bit to get on some of the ones in the back, but removing them entirely will prevent you from reaching this secret) and face north. Shoot the target here to trigger a "good" secret, which lowers the treasure boxes to the south in the same hall. (linedef 1673 via script 33 and "secret trigger" thing 1337)
  7. Head south from the factory entrance onto a conveyor, then head southeast and west, then north into a room with crates. Maneuver across the crates to the wooden one in the northwest corner and use it, then the wall after it. Return to the outside of the factory where your starting point is to find the nearest door open, where you can get a "good" secret with some gold toilets and a summoning pickup. (linedef 4906 via script 159 and "secret trigger" thing 918)
  8. When you get to the four-way intersection of conveyor belts, head west and north, then jump to the platform to the east with several supplies for a "good" secret. (linedef 5808 via script 161 and "secret trigger" thing 919)
  9. At the southwest end of the map, a man will ask you to buy him a thunderstorm soda. After you get one, return to him and you will get the power of Kegan the Barbarian and the "mega" secret. (linedef 6418 via scripts 51 and 227 and "secret trigger" thing 1007)
  10. At the start, instead of dropping straight down, carefully inch off and onto the ledge on the west wall. Head all the way north and through the wall to get a super boomerang powerup in a "good" secret. (linedef 7943 via script 252 and "secret trigger" thing 1542)
  11. In the northwest end of the factory in a black room, head for the west side with two treasure chests and open the northwest corner for a dark maze and an "evil" secret. (linedef 8032 via script 254 and "secret trigger" thing 1781)


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Map data[edit]

Things 1799
Vertices 8403*
Linedefs 8148
Sidedefs 12430
Sectors 1612
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 6693.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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