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Developer(s) Jim Valavanis
Latest release (2020-06-30, 2 months ago)
Target Platform Windows

FPCDoom is a source port of Doom developed by Jim Valavanis written in Free Pascal with the Lazarus IDE. It is specifically developed as a sister project of DelphiDoom to provide a solid code base for the more mainstream Pascal programmers.


  • High screen resolutions with accurate software rendering
  • True color software rendering with optional usage of external textures (pk3 files containing png, tga or bmp images)
  • Dynamic lights
  • Mirror mode with demo compatibility
  • Palette post processing effects (grayscale & standard palettes)
  • Multiple CPU cores utilization
  • Uncapped framerate
  • Automap rotation and overlay
  • DEH/BEX support
  • Raised vanilla static limits

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