Fictional companies


Many fictional companies have appeared throughout the Doom franchise and related games. This is a list of fictional companies, their fictional brands and products. Many of these are Easter eggs, quite often referencing the Dopefish. Many parody brands in Doom (2016) have their name starting with "Gr", such as Grima, Grangles, or Diet Grulp.

Name Type Appears in Notes
Bakey-Cakey Crumbs Brand Doom Eternal Snacks.
Banhar Brand Doom (2016) Bottled water.
Billygoat Brand Doom 3 Burgers.
Binkies Brand Doom Eternal Bunny chow. Doomguy's choice of food for Daisy.
Caco Cola Brand Doom (2016) Soda. Easter egg of the original cacodemon sprite. Despite the obvious pun, the packaging does not reference real-world brand Coca-Cola.
Cheezy Mac Brand Doom (2016) Cucina Instant Easy Mac.
Coco Cacos Brand Doom Eternal Cacodemon-themed cookies.
Diet Grulp Brand Doom (2016) Soda.
Dope-Chan! Brand Doom Eternal Chewy Candy with dope new flavors: hellfire cherry, lava melon, radioactive lime.
Dopechan Noodles Brand Doom (2016) Takeout noodles.
Dopenuts! Brand Doom Eternal Mixed salted nuts.
Dr Bubbles Brand Doom (2016) Soda. Parody of real-world brand Dr Pepper.
EXE Corporation Doom 3 Interplanetary cargo delivery. "Not just fast - it's EXE fast"
Flu-B-Gone Brand Doom Eternal Fever remedy. "No drowsiness during the day, uninterrupted sleep at night."
Fruitchoos Brand Doom Eternal Chewy juicy fruity candy!
Gibbo Brand Doom Eternal Collectible toys. The in-universe manufacturer of most cosmetic items available through Doom Eternal events.
Grangles Brand Doom (2016) Potato crisps. Parody of real-world brand Pringles.
Gressen Corporation Doom 3 Gravity generators.
Grima Brand Doom (2016) Bottled water.
Grud Light Brand Doom (2016) Beer. Parody of real-world brand Bud Light.
Gulami's Pizza Brand Doom (2016) Takeout pizzas. The Italian chef mascot is an Easter egg of Hugo Martin. Gulami's name also refers to the deadly sin of gluttony, gula in Latin. Their restaurants were "shut down due to customer organ rotting".
Gulami's Dried Meat Pieces Brand Doom Eternal Snacks. An off-shoot of Gulami's Pizza after their restaurants were closed. Meaaaaaty!
I/O Logistics Manufacture Corporation Doom (2016) Appears to have built parts of the Praetor suit. Name is possibly a reference to Io, moon of Jupiter and starting location of TNT: Evilution
Keen Candies Brand Doom Eternal Chewy gummy goodness. A reference to Commander Keen.
Lane's Brand Doom Eternal Potato chips. Available in multiple flavors, including broccoli, sweet potato, rabbit stew, and takoyaki. Parody of real-world brand Lay's.
Lil' Bits Brand Doom Eternal Really tiny candy. Parody of real-world brand M&M's as well as an obscure reference to Rick and Morty.
Martian Buddy Corporation Doom 3 Online marketing.
Martin Pet Groomers Company Doom (2016) Next door to a Gulami's Pizza restaurant in Olympia Station South (part of an apparently cut "episode" of maps; see vsp at The Cutting Room Floor). Likely another Hugo Martin Easter egg.
Meditro Corporation Doom 3 Pharmaceutics and lab supplies.
Mixom Corporation Doom 3 and later Creates all sorts of products, including chainsaws, rival of Moxim.
Moxim Corporation Doom 3 Creates all sorts of products of much better quality, but more expensive, than those of its rival Mixom.
Mudbutt Brand Doom (2016) "Low fat chocolate-flavored milk". Possibly a juvenile pun on modbot, or a reference to American McGee's Bad Day L.A.
Nabcon Corporation Doom 3 Developers of Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3, Hellanoid, Sarge's Big Game Hunt, and Martian Buddy Blaster. Parody of real-world company Capcom.
Okasushi! Brand Doom Eternal Sushi-flavored candy.
Robo Cola Brand Doom 3 Soda. Appears in the form of vending machines, and in "Diet Robo" cans.
Snoreyz Brand Doom Eternal Sleep-aid cookies. Parody of real-world brand Oreo.
Sotoxi Brand Doom 3 Cigarettes. Name appears to be short for "so toxic".
Sprin81 Brand Doom Eternal Aspirin.
StarStruct, Inc Corporation Doom Bible Creator of modular prefabricated structures represented by the STAR texture.
Ster-X Doom 3 Supplies.
Sure Greaf Brand Doom (2016) Tea. Parody of real-world company Lipton's "Pure Leaf" brand.
Taggart Comic Group Corporation Doom Eternal Publisher of Doomguy's favorite comics: Hellwalker, The Living End, etc.
Thinit Brand Doom Eternal Snacks.
Thirsty Burst Brand Doom 3 Soda. Appears in the form of vending machines. "Catch the burst!"
Titan Off-Planet Construction Corporation Doom 2016, Doom Eternal Subcontractor for tech bases.
Union Aerospace Corporation Corporation All Doom titles The UAC is a megacorporation that, along with the military, serves as the instigator of demon invasions throughout the Doom franchise, either accidentally or deliberately.
Union Aerospace Armed Forces Military Doom Bible According to the Doom Bible, the marine characters belonged to an organization called the Union Aerospace Armed Forces (UAAF), the military wing of the UAC. According to John Romero, this information should still be regarded as canonical regarding Doom's protagonist, and he states that the UAAF's mission is explicitly to enforce UAC interests.[1] The UAAF is additionally mentioned in the UAC handbook for Doom (2016) where it is described as being active on Tei Tenga.
Vault-Tec Corporation Doom (2016) Subcontractor for Mixom doors. Originates from the Fallout series, may be an Easter-egg.
Wellspring Water Brand Doom (2016) Bottled water, 86% contaminant-free. A reference to Rage.


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