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The Lost Secret by The Green Herring 4/2/2008 (Requires Doom II.)

This is a quick demonstration .WAD made in a couple of minutes intended to show how a secret can be removed from a map by a linedef action that changes the sector type, preventing 100% Secrets, if the action zeroes the sector type or the model sector is not secret, since sector type 9 is used to flag secrets. In this map are two secrets. One is the pillar in the pool, bearing a soul sphere. The other is a secret compartment containing a combat armor. Open the compartment, grab the armor, and the pillar will lower into the pool, allowing you to grab the soul sphere. However, if you wait until the pillar sinks all the way into the pool before grabbing the sphere, and then exit the map, the secrets percentage will read only 50%, as the pillar sector will inherit not only the water sector's flat, but its sector type as well (which is 0,) erasing its secret flag.

Created with Doom Builder version 1.68 build 385.


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