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D'Sparil, or Dark Bishop?[edit]

I was always under the impression that this wall texture is not depicting D'Sparil but rather a class of the Serpent Riders' followers that you do not encounter during the game. The design in fact very closely resembles the Dark Bishop from Hexen, to the point where it is 100% obvious that this wall texture was the basis for that enemy's design.

Interpreted within the canon of the game, the Serpent Riders must have had the Dark Bishops with them when they came to Parthoris, or created them there by converting Parthoris's residents. They then must have followed Korax to Cronos, which in the "Book of Deeds" is stated to follow much later in the timeline after Heretic.

I think if you compare both sprites, you will see a large resemblence between this and the Dark Bishop, and virtually none between this and D'Sparil.--Quasar 16:43, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

I think one can conclude that it is probably an image of a Disciple holding it's necklace (instead of wearing it as the game foe does).

For reference, HeXen's manual states that the Dark Bishops are warped senior members of the games church while the Ettin's are warped warriors of the Legion.


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