File talk:Port family tree simplified.png


In case anyone wants to attempt an SVG version or something, here is the Graphviz source from the original talk page.    Ryan W (living fossil) 09:48, 4 March 2018 (CST)

   digraph Ports {
   /* options graphiques */
   /* declaration des noeuds */
   node [label="Chocolate Doom", fontsize=10] choco;
   node [label="Crispy Doom"] crispy;
   node [label="Doomsday Engine"] doomsday;
   node [label="Linux Doom", shape=ellipse, color=black, style="filled", fillcolor="grey", fontsize=8] linux;
   node [label="JDoom"] jdoom;
   node [label="DOSDoom"] dos;
   node [label="WinDoom"] win;
   node [label="Doom", shape=box, color=red, fillcolor=yellow, fontsize=10] doom;
   node [label="Doom95"] 95;
   /* clusters */
   subgraph clusterboomc {
   node [label="Doom Legacy", shape=ellipse, color=black, fillcolor=white, fontsize=10] legacy;
   node [label="Odamex"] odamex;
   node [label="Risen3D"] risen3d;
   node [label="GZDoom"] gzdoom;
   node [label="QZDoom"] qzdoom;
   node [label="Zandronum"] zandronum;
   node [label="ZDaemon"] zdaemon;
   node [label="Eternity Engine"] eternity;
   node [label="PrBoom+"] prboomplus;
   node [label="Doom Retro"] retro;
   node [label="Delphi Doom"] delphi;
   node [label="3DGE"] tdge;
   node [label="ZDoom", shape=ellipse, color=black, style="filled", fillcolor="grey", fontsize=8] zdoom;
   node [label="EDGE"] dge;
   node [label="MBF"] mbf;
   node [label="SMMU"] smmu;
   node [label="PrBoom"] prboom;
   node [label="csDoom"] csdoom;
   node [label="BOOM"] boom;
   node [label="Skulltag"] skulltag;
   node [label="Doom Classic", shape=box, color=red, fillcolor=yellow] classic;
   /* relations */
   skulltag -> {zandronum};
   boom -> {mbf prboom};
   prboom -> {prboomplus classic};
   mbf -> smmu;
   choco -> {crispy retro};
   linux -> {choco dos jdoom zdoom delphi};
   dos -> {boom legacy dge};
   dge -> tdge;
   {doomsday boom} -> risen3d
   jdoom -> doomsday;
   doom -> linux, boom, win;
   win -> 95;
   zdoom -> {gzdoom csdoom zdaemon skulltag};
   csdoom -> {odamex zdaemon};
   gzdoom -> skulltag;
   gzdoom -> qzdoom;
   qzdoom -> gzdoom;
   smmu -> eternity;