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Final Doom: Unauthorized Secrets is a strategy guide book by Ian Osborne and published by Prima Publishing as part of their Secrets of the Games series. The book covers both episodes of Final Doom (TNT: Evilution and the The Plutonia Experiment) and although not an official authorized guide, has the distinction of being the only strategy guide published for Final Doom. The book is also known by the alternate title of Final Doom Game Secrets: Unauthorized, which it uses in a stylized form on its front cover.


"Quench your appetite for final destruction. Everything you need to terminate the Final Doom episodes Evilution and Plutonia is uncovered in this ultimate guide: [...] There has been NOTHING to equal this ultimate guide since you first went berserk in hell! Long live DOOM!"
― Publisher's description


The book is divided into three parts and subdivided into ten chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Part One: The Scoop
  • Chapter 1: Mission Briefing: Provides an introduction to Final Doom's story, hot-keys, and the basics of gameplay. There are some brief combat strategy tips.
  • Chapter 2: The Fiends: Lists each of the monsters encountered in the game and the number of shots needed to kill them. There is some tactical information on how to fight each monster.
  • Chapter 3: The Armory: Doom's weapons and the types of ammo.
  • Chapter 4: Power-Ups and Hazards: All the different power-up items and environmental hazards such as damaging floors.
  • Part Two: The Missions
  • Chapter 5: Evilution: Covers every level of TNT: Evilution; each has a two-page spread consisting of a labeled map and a walkthrough.
  • Chapter 6: Plutonia: Covers every level of The Plutonia Experiment; same format.
  • Chapter 7: Modem and Network Play: Tips on multiplayer play. There are some tactical tips for deathmatch play.
  • Chapter 8: Cheat Codes: Lists all of the cheat codes.
  • Chapter 9: Troubleshooting: Reworded copy of the troubleshooting section from readme.txt included with Final Doom.
  • Part Three: The History
  • Chapter 10: The Doom Story: Some brief history on id Software, their previous games and the release of Doom. Quake is also mentioned.


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Library of Congress Classification GV1469.25.D66 O73 1996
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