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Final Sin is the thirteenth and final level of Doom Eternal. Having used Urdak's teleportation rings to return to Earth, the Doom Slayer must pursue and destroy the Icon of Sin before it consumes the planet.

"'For he will walk among us, and he will smite the evil from this earth. For he who comes in our time of need is not of mortal breed, he is the Destroyer, the right hand of our Creator and the one who brings fear where there is no hope.' Corrax tablet 3:13"
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Destroy the Icon of Sin
Armor sections destroyed (0/8)
Body parts destroyed (0/8)


Head round the corner to see the Icon walking past your location, then jump through a broken window to reach a climbable wall leading up to the first arena; you will face a multitude of demons here culminating with a tyrant followed by a Doom hunter, so everything you have learned to this point will be tested. Once all the heavy opponents are dead, go through the exit on the upper floor to find an automap station then go up the stairs and look towards the Syrenity building where a revenant is battling with a blaster soldier. Jump to the revenant's ledge then climb up to the top level past some more fodder demons; when you can see the Viris building ahead, jump to a climbable wall in front of you then turn round to reach a second wall, from where you will be close enough to leap into the Viris building. Destroy the mancubus and other demons waiting inside the building then go round the corner to confront an arachnotron; from here you can head round to two elevators and climb up the right-hand shaft to reach the second floor.

As you emerge on to the second floor you will see the Icon smash through a bridge leading to the second tower of the Viris building; head towards that bridge and kill a Hell knight and carcass that climb onto it, then look below the other side of the bridge to see a walkway that you can dash to. Climb up the walkway to the first floor of the second tower and kill any enemies you encounter here (including a buff totem that spawns in the middle of this floor mid-way through the battle), then go up the stairs to the second floor to find a dread knight and a mancubus by a hole in the floor. Go past the hole and head round the corner to deal with a cyber-mancubus and an arachnotron (which starts on the ceiling) then go up the climbable wall behind them to reach the third floor. Go up a nearby slope leading to the roof and get ready for another combat encounter, which includes revenants and a cacodemon followed by a marauder. After clearing the area, use the launcher that activates to reach the ledge above then jump down to a window leading into the Moss Records building.

Swing off a monkey bar to reach a climbable wall and head up to a roof neighboring the Oriiion Inc building, then go down a broken scaffold and jump across to the first floor of the HH skyscraper where a tyrant and several other heavy demons are waiting for you; more will spawn over the course of the battle, including two more tyrants as well as a buff totem that spawns on the corner of the second floor. After clearing this area a climbable wall will appear above the Savory Fixin's sign; climb it to the third floor and dispose of two revenants and Hell knight, then head up the stairs to the fourth floor where you must contend with an arachnotron, a mancubus and a baron of Hell. Head up the next staircase to the fifth floor (there is a Cryo sign here) to yet another arena with heavy demons, ending with a marauder followed by an arch-vile. Once the building is clear, the Icon will walk through the area and destroy part of the exterior wall; you can jump through this opening to the neighboring building and from there leap to a climbable wall leading inside the Oriiion Inc office.

Head through the office to another climbable wall leading to the floor above, then look right and jump to a third wall on the side of the Mallory tower. Samuel Hayden will indicate that you should head across a bridge; look down to see it then drop down to dispose of some imps. Look ahead and snipe a revenant which is firing missiles at you then head up the next wall to find a Hell knight, a dread knight and some gargoyles fighting each other. Head on to two monkey bars leading to a climbable wall leading up to a wrecked train carriage, then turn right to see another climbable wall; go to the top and look left to see an opening in the building next to you, then enter it and punch the cracked wall in front of you to finally confront the Icon.

Icon of Sin[edit]

The fight against the Icon is a two-part battle; in the first part, you must destroy all eight pieces of its body armor (head, right pectoral, right bicep, right hand, left pectoral, left bicep, left hand, abdomen). The Icon can blanket the arena with fire from its hands and shoot fireballs from a pentagram on its forehead, as well as attacking the arena directly with his hands and arms; he will also summon heavy demons to distract you. It is recommended that you target the Icon's arms first as the Icon's attacks become faster and more aggressive as he loses more armor pieces, making those areas more difficult to hit; once an armor piece has broken off, avoid firing into that area as it will inflict no more damage. The summoned demons are an annoyance compared to the Icon, but more powerful demons will be summoned as the battle progresses; use the chainsaw to kill the fodder demons while using the blood punch and Crucible pickups that spawn around the arena to slay the larger opponents. Once all the armor is destroyed the Icon will retreat; jump into the green slipgate that appears to continue the fight.

In the second part, you must now destroy all eight sections of the Icon's exposed body to finish it off. The Icon possesses the same attacks as before, but it can now move around the outside of the arena and shoot beams from its forehead, as well as occasionally raining down meteors on your position. You will know when a section of the Icon's body is destroyed when its bones are exposed; avoid attacking destroyed sections as you will inflict no more damage. As before, the summoned demons get stronger as more of the Icon's body is destroyed so stay on the move and use your Crucible, blood punch and chainsaw as often as possible. Once the final body part is destroyed, the level (and the game) will end.


There are no challenges in this level.

Special items[edit]

  • Four extra lives
    1. From the start, as soon as you see the Icon walk past you turn right to see a cracked wall. Climb up the shelves behind it to enter a vent leading to a 1UP.
    2. As soon as you reach the Syrenity building, go to the ledge with the blaster soldier to find a cracked wall. Climb up the vent behind it to find a 1UP.
    3. On the first floor of the Viris building, look through the left-hand elevator door to see a shootable switch. Shoot it then go up to the second floor to find that the left-hand elevator on this floor has opened revealing a vent; follow that vent to drop into a hidden room with a 1UP.
    4. A 1UP is hidden inside the Hellgrowth-infested column in the HH building. You can get inside by punching through a cracked section of column on the fourth floor.
  • Three soulspheres
    1. A soulsphere is in a sealed room on the second floor of the Viris building's second tower. You can reach it by climbing to the third floor and heading all the way round to a vent.
    2. Use the monkey bar on the top floor of the first Icon battle to reach a soulsphere.
    3. Use the launchers on the top floor of the second Icon battle to reach a soulsphere.
  • Five Argent cells
    1. On the first floor of the Viris building's second tower.
    2. On the first floor of the HH building.
    3. At the top of the stairs leading to the fifth floor of the HH building
    4. Near the middle of the fifth floor of the HH building
    5. Just before the Icon's arena.
  • Three Crucible charges
    1. On top of a pipe in the first arena.
    2. On the slope leading to the roof of the Viris building's second tower.
    3. On the roof between the Moss Records and Oriiion Inc buildings.

Additional Argent cells and Crucible charges will spawn during the battle with the Icon.


  • One Codex page
    1. "Final Sin" - by the elevators on the second floor of the Viris building.

Areas / screenshots[edit]


  • Stand on the destroyed bridge between the Viris towers and look right past a broken walkway. You should be able to see a flashing id Software logo.
  • If you walk past the UAC Spokesperson by the elevators in the Viris building enough times, she will eventually say "Lemmy is God!". This is a reference to Lemmy, the late founder, lead singer, bassist, and primary songwriter of the rock band Motörhead.