Fist (Doom 2016)


Praetor suit fists in use in SnapMap.
An example of custom armor fists using the Evil Cultist theme.
This article is about the weapon in Doom (2016). For other versions of this weapon, see:

The fists are a weapon in Doom (2016) which are exclusive to SnapMap. In order to equip the player with the fists, it is necessary to set the player's loadout to a configuration with zero weapon slots - it is impossible to use the fists while any other weapons are owned.

Tactical analysis[edit]

The fists appear and behave in the same manner as punches thrown under the influence of the berserk power-up, but do much less damage. It is possible to throw punches with both of the player's arms; the default fire button or key will punch with the right fist, while the alt-fire button or key will punch with the left. Well-timed alternation of punches from either side against minor enemies such as zombies and imps can prevent them from retaliating.

Glory kills will be automatically initiated if the player attacks a staggered monster with the fists, as if though the player was berserk or had explicitly pushed the glory kill key.

Like other weapons in SnapMap, the appearance of the fists is dependent on the player's configured suit of armor, unless the map author has specified to override that setting with the Praetor suit. In that case, they will unconditionally appear the same as the player's berserk fists in single-player mode.


The game's console will display an error message about the player not owning any weapons before changing the player to use the fists. This seems to indicate that they only exist as a default fallback weapon in the game's coding, and probably explains why they are unavailable if any other weapons are possessed.

In multiplayer, striking an enemy with the player's weapon by using the melee/glory kill key while the enemy's health is not low enough to initiate a glory kill causes an attack which does fist-type damage, as indicated by the HUD icon used if this attack scores a kill.