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The flamethrower equipped.
The flamethrower in use.
This article is about the Strife weapon. For the weapon from Doom Eternal, see Flame belch.

The flamethrower is a weapon from Strife, used both by the player and by crusaders at close range. It shoots balls of fire, but can only be used over a short range as the fireballs are subject to gravity. Most human and humanoid enemies will set ablaze, doing fire damage to nearby human actors when hit with a fatal blow of the flamethrower. The environmental suit can block the flames completely, making it very useful in close-range combat with crusaders.

This weapon consumes energy cells, which are shared with the mauler. The maximum ammo capacity for these cells is 400, or 800 when using an ammo satchel.

A complete flamethrower can be acquired by getting the flamethrower parts from Weran and then taking them to Irale. You can also pick one up in a hidden area of the fortress' security complex.


Flamethrower data
Weapon number 6
Damage ?
Included ammo 100 (200 on skill 1 & 5)
Max ammo 400 (800 with ammo satchel)
Ammo type Energy cells
Shot type Projectile
Velocity 15 map units per tic
(525 map units per second)
Shots per minute ?
Sound DSFLIDLE (idle)
DSFLBURN (firing)
Appears in Strife
Thing type 2005 (decimal), 7D5 (hex)
Radius 20
Height 16
Sprite FLAM (before pickup)
FLMT (wielded)
FLMF (firing)
FRBL (fire ball)
Class Weapon

Appearance statistics[edit]

In the IWAD the flamethrower is first encountered on these maps per skill level:

The IWAD contains the following numbers of flamethrowers per skill level: