Flaming zombie

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Flaming zombie


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First appearance

Mars City (revisited)

Cheat spawn

"spawn monster_zombie_bernie"

The flaming zombie, also known by its nickname "Bernie", is a type of zombie introduced in Doom 3. They are commonly seen walking through broken, flaming pipework, which seems to be the reason they are in flames. Unlike the flaming zombie, other zombies are not immune to flames and will die when coming in contact with them. This can be used tactically to the player's advantage.


Its appearance is tall with charcoaled limbs, and it continuously burns until it is killed. Its clothes are tattered and dark. Most facial features are still intact, excluding the cartilage of the nose. The player can hear it moan in pain as it chases after them.

Combat analysis[edit]

It is best to keep moving if it notices you, backward if possible. It moves almost as fast as an infirmary zombie so it is best to defeat it quickly. This zombie has considerably greater health than that of the other zombies. A few shots from a shotgun should kill it, but it is not recommended to use anything weaker.