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Fletcher` (alias rf`, ravage, or ravagefox) is a Doom level designer and graphic artist who contributed to a number of community projects. They received a Cacoward in 2009 for Mapgame. In the Cacowards 2019, their project Hocus Pocus Doom was given a main award, while their texture pack RfHelltx was given a special mention.

Body of work[edit]













  • rf1024 (Doomworld forums thread)
  • Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions:
    • Session 25, MAP11: Bottledick!
    • Session 26, MAP04: Three Braying Asses in a Window, MAP14: Romanian Ruckus
    • Session 27, MAP13: Obsidian's Folly
    • Session 28, MAP09: Pot Brownie Monologue
    • Session 29, MAP02: Escape From Zimmer Mountain, MAP08: Pent-Up Pentultimate Pentagonal Personified Pinnacle of Prostituted Pornography
    • Session 30, MAP04: Aliens vs Romero, MAP08: Non-Euclidian Door Ends Yearlong Peace






  • Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions:
    • Session 50, MAP07: A Well Worded Transvaginal Conversation, MAP08: A Hastily Arranged Counterqueef
    • Session 51, MAP05: Fighting and Fashion Statements, MAP08: Fuckingham Palace
    • Session 52, MAP10: Kirby's Return to Cream In One Super Star Asscrack & Make Her Squeak Ultra Loud Gets Cockblocked by the Curse of the Epic Sharts, MAP14: Ben Shapiro Obliterates a Small Child
    • Session 53, MAP10: Deer Running, MAP13: The Mortifying Ordeal of Being Known
    • Session 54, MAP08: The Dark Souls of Easter, MAP14: The Source of all Horse Memes
    • Session 55, MAP07: The Phishing Well
    • Session 57, MAP07: Attack of the Killer Toilets, MAP09: Hidden in Spain Sight
    • Session 58, MAP04: Wario's Wonderlust, MAP10: Molten Shark Sanctuary
    • Session 31, MAP08: Vivisexual Tension


  • Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions:
    • Session 59, MAP08: Cryptozoology: From Chimpan-a to Chimpan-z, MAP11: Annoyed the Void
    • Session 60, MAP04: Where's The Rip?, MAP05: Library of Sexual Congress, MAP11: Ham of Destiny
    • Session 63, MAP08: Djungelskog's Castle, MAP15: Dis, Dat, and De Udder
    • Session 64, MAP12: Get You a Lady Bigger Than Misri Halek, MAP20: BIG OOF
    • Session 65, MAP07: A Storm of Tits, Amogus and Garfield, MAP09: Everlasting Garfield Phones
    • Session 66, MAP07: The Inmoist Dens, MAP09: The Fifthmost Dens
    • Session 67, MAP11: Rectal Anomaly, MAP14: Boop the Snoot and Win a Free Rocket
    • Session 68, MAP12: Emotional Support Slur, MAP15: The Outhouse of Mouse
    • Session 69, Compilation #1, MAP15: Tony Hawk's Moving Citadel at the Edge of Eternity, MAP18: Who are we to deny rats a pleasant Sunday drive?, MAP22: Halls of the Spammed, MAP24: Time is Butt a Window, Death is Butt a Door, I'll Be Back



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