FooM is a fan-made text adventure based on Doom. It was created in 1995 by Piers Johnson in the TADS authoring system, and subsequently published in the Interactive Fiction Archive ( on July 5, 1996. The game recreates E1M1: Hangar, representing each individual area of the level in textual form. It also mimics Doom's mechanics, e.g. requiring the player to shoot monsters and keep track of his health level.

Game examples[edit]

The first thing the player sees when beginning the game:

Hangar Entrance
   A dark squarish room.  You are just inside the entry bay, which has closed
behind you.  There's no way out that way. Pillars obscure your view, and the
viewport on the right lets in but little light. The centre of the room, to the
north, is depressed; a couple of steps lead down to it. A pillar prevents you
moving to the northwest but your movement towards your left, to the west, is
   You see a health bonus here.


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