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Foreverhood is a game made by Brian Goodsell (Skadoomer) that used the source port ZDoom as its game engine, but switched to GZDoom with version 1.1. Demo 1.0 was released on September 10th 2006, with demo 1.1 being released soon after. It was later canceled.


  • The initial release of Foreverhood, version 1.0, relied on a custom batch file, called FOREVERHOOD.BAT, to start the supplied ZDoom executable, an unofficial release of ZDoom more commonly known as the ZDoom Community Build. Starting ZDoom directly results into an error asking for the Doom II WAD file. Foreverhood, however, can run standalone. The executable carries version number 2.0.96x and is dated August 7, 2005.
  • Foreverhood, as of version 1.1, still relies on FOREVERHOOD.BAT, but is now used to start a supplied GZDoom executable. Starting GZDoom directly results in an error. The executable used is version 1.0.21, corresponding with ZDoom version 2.1.6 (r340) dated October 5, 2006. Because it relies on a batch file and the included GZDOOM.EXE, Foreverhood has troubles been run on more recent versions of ZDoom and GZDoom.

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