Doom (2016) walkthroughs

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Foundry, the third level of Doom (2016).



Stop the Meltdown
Destroy the Gore Nests (0/4)
Activate the cooling turbine
Investigate the signal
Shut down the Argent Tower


Head round the first corner and VEGA will inform you that it has added a Combat Rating tracker to the top-right of your screen, allowing you to gain up to five additional weapon points by killing enemies. Head through the door to enter the smelting area, turn left to jump over a gap in the walkway then go through the door on your left to find a combat support drone. Head through the next door on your left and kill the possessed scientists waiting in the hallway (along with an engineer) then turn right to find more scientists fighting with a possessed soldier. The way forward is blocked by a gas leak; go to the nearby control panel and try to use its hand scanner, then turn round and use the panel behind you to play an echo recording showing an employee being carried away by a Hell knight. Follow the recording to a broken bridge - you will not be able to jump across, but if you look down you will see a walkway you can drop down to. From the walkway there are several ledges you can climb to get on the other side of the bridge, where you will find the employee's corpse; pull off its left arm, kill the imp that appears behind you then backtrack to the control panel to use the hand scanner again and shut off the gas leak. Head through the now-open door to find the first gore nest; when you rip out its organ you will have to contend with imps as well as a couple of Hell razers, so watch out for their energy beams.

With the first nest destroyed, backtrack to the smelting area and head straight across the bridge in front of you to reach a door locked by the blue key; on your left is the locked door leading to the turbine room, and next to it is a hole that you can drop down to reach the lower part of the smelter. Carefully follow the walkways until you have to jump over a gap then turn left to reach an arched area with imps and soldiers who are guarding the second gore nest, then go round to the nest and rip its organ out to call in some more imps and soldiers as well as razers. After the nest is destroyed, look for a walkway just above the nest area that has a now-unlocked door and go through it, then follow the passage past some scientists until you can climb up one floor where you will encounter an imp. There it a window just behind the imp - drop through it and turn left to go up some steps, then climb on the boxes in front of you and turn round to see an overhead ledge that you can leap to. Go through the doorway on your left then turn left and climb the steps to return to the upper area of the smelter.

In front of you is a pillared area with imps and soldiers; kill them then head up some steps to the raised ledge around the pillars and follow it to find a corpse carrying the yellow key. Go back to the pillared area where a Hell knight will teleport in - stay on the move and keep out of range of its crushing fists - then backtrack to the blue door area; just before you reach it you will see a long bridge on the left which leads to a walkway surrounding a pool of molten metal. Kill the scientists waiting here followed by more imps and soldiers, then look right to see some steps leading up to a yellow door; you will have to deal with another knight before going through it. Go up the stairs and through the doorway on your right to enter a hallway with a conveyor belt where you will face various enemies including another knight, then follow the conveyor to the end and go through the door to find the third gore nest. Interacting with the nest will pit you against several enemies including imps, soldiers and razers followed by a knight.

From the third nest, go up the stairs and turn left to see a door in front of you; go through this door and take the blue key from the corpse behind it, then follow the curved walkway down two sets of broken stairs to find a blue door that will now open for you. Go through and kill the engineer and scientists waiting around the corner then enter the next room to dispose of some imps (there is a health station in this area as well if you need it). Go down the stairs to find the final gore nest and pull out its organ, kill the imps that appear nearby then go back up the stairs to slay some soldiers followed by a knight; once they are dead, go back down the stairs and head through the blue door opposite the nest to return to the area with the now-unlocked turbine door. Head through this door now and go straight forward through a second door, then head down some stairs and use the control panel in front of you to get the turbines going. Before the turbines activate you will have to fight off waves of imps, razers and knights so stay on the move at all times.

Once the turbines are activated, head up the stairs above the second turbine and go through the door at the top to find an elite guard then proceed forward through a second door and activate the panel in front of you. Once the cutscene ends, kill the scientists and imp that ambush you then head through the door Olivia just used; on your left is an airlock that you can use to finish the level.

Classic level[edit]

Halfway along the bridge connecting the blue door and yellow door areas is a large square vent with a lever next to it; after throwing the lever, continue on to the yellow door side of the bridge and look ahead to see an open wall ahead leading to the maze area from Doom's E1M2: Nuclear Plant. There are several imps and soldiers waiting in the maze, but you can find various supplies and ammo pickups inside it as well (secret #5 from the original level is also present, but contains no items).


Three Possessed, One Barrel
Kill three of the possessed with one explosive barrel.
Curb Stomp
Perform three "Death from Above" glory kills on possessed soldiers (attack from above).
Quite the Collector
Find two collectibles. Refer to the "Collectibles" section below for more information.


Just before reaching the employee needed for the hand scanner you will climb to an L-shaped walkway. Look up and right to see a vent opening leading to a secret chestplate pickup.


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
Vaultguy Possessed engineer When you reach the walkway with the yellow key, look over the low fence at the molten metal below; you will see a platform to which you can carefully drop down. Turn round to find Vaultguy under the walkway.
Prototypeguy Plasma rifle Shortly after entering the yellow key door and finding the Samuel Hayden datapad, you will enter a long room with a stalled conveyor belt which has several crates on it. One of these crates is open and can be jumped inside to find Prototypeguy sitting inside it.

Other items[edit]

To find the automap station, head up the stairs in the room containing the second gore nest to a door but do not go through it; instead, enter the narrow passage opposite the door and go round a corner to find the station.

Item How to find
Combat support drone After going through the first large door from the start, turn left to jump over a gap in the walkway then go through the door on your left. The drone will be in front of you.
Datapad #1 (Environments - Foundry #2) On a table in the same room as the combat support drone.
Elite guard #1 When you get to the broken bridge leading to the employee whose hand you need, drop down to the walkway below then look right to see a small doorway. The elite guard is on the other side.
Datapad #2 (Monsters - Imp #2) After destroying the second nest, go through the small door just above it and follow the passage until you climb up one floor and encounter an imp. There is a window next to the imp - drop through it and turn right to see the datapad sitting by some armor shards.
Argent cell When you reach the blue door area, turn right and head across a long bridge to a walkway surrounding a pool of molten metal. Turn left and jump over a gap in the walkway then head straight forward until you see the cell container in front of you.
Datapad #3 (UAC Personnel - Samuel Hayden #1) After going through the yellow door, go up the stairs and straight forward to a console. The datapad is sitting on the console.
Elite guard #2 By the door to the third gore nest are some boxes that you can climb up to a narrow passage. The elite guard is at the end of this passage.
Elite guard #3 Just before the primary control room past the turbines.

Arcade Mode[edit]

In Arcade Mode you will start the level as normal and finish in the hallway past the turbine room. VEGA and Hayden's dialog is removed.


  1. In the room containing the first gore nest.
  2. Floating around the pillars by the yellow key.
  3. Between the arches near the second gore nest.
  4. Floating around the smelting pit across the bridge.
  5. In the middle of the conveyor belt area.
  6. Floating around the top of the second turbine.


  1. A collectible is high above the smelting pit below the second gore nest. To reach it and land safely by the nest, you must jump from the metal vent where the classic area lever is normally located.
  2. After getting the blue key, do not go down the stairs; instead, turn right and walk past the door then look over the fence on your left to see a collectible in mid-air.

Tips and tricks[edit]

  • You can double-jump over the broken bridge leading to the corpse with the severed hand.