Frag grenade (Doom Eternal)


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The frag grenade is an auxiliary weapon in Doom Eternal, found in the Hell on Earth level along with the shoulder-mounted equipment launcher from which it fires. It shares its mounting point—one of the game's new features added to the Praetor suit—with the ice bomb, and the ammunition type fired is selected via a toggle key or button ("G" by default). It fires a primed grenade that explodes, dealing splash damage and releasing a shockwave that falters demons. It has infinite ammo, but requires a cooldown time between shots.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Frag grenades are useful for quickly destroying groups of small enemies, or for staggering large demons so you can delay their attacks or create an opening to fire your own weapons. The shockwave does not affect demons that are possessed by a spirit or buffed by a screecher, but they still take damage as normal.

The frag grenade has a cooldown of 30 seconds, or 20 seconds with the Faster Frag Cooldown Praetor Suit upgrade.


The frag grenade can be upgraded by finding and spending Praetor suit points.

  • Faster Frag Cooldown - Frag grenade takes less time to cooldown after firing
  • Combustion Concussion - The grenade emits a second, larger, non-damaging explosion that falters demons
  • Scatter Bombs - Each demon killed by the grenade explosion spawns scatter bombs
  • Frag Stock Up - Fire twice before requiring a recharge

When using the Equipment Fiend rune, killing one enemy with the frag grenade will reduce its cooldown time by 8 seconds, and killing two or more enemies will reduce it by 10 seconds.