FunKo Pop! Games figurines


The green marine figure.
Photograph credit: MrDeAD1313
Photograph credit: MrDeAD1313

Pop! Games figurines are a series of six-inch-tall vinyl collectible figurines created by FunKo, which interpret the characters of various licensed video game, movie, and television series in a cartoonish style. Figurines in the Pop! Games series are offered as individual products with known packaging contents. Two officially licensed Doom (2016) figurines were made available beginning in March 2016.[1]


Doom marine[edit]

The Doom marine is piece #90 in the Pop! Games series, and is FunKo item #7939. He includes the super shotgun and is dressed in the Praetor suit with a suitably oversized helmet for his enlarged head. His eyes, which are large round dots typical of the Pop! line, are visible through the helmet's translucent visor.


The cyberdemon is piece #91, and FunKo item #7940. Other than having a much larger head, it closely resembles the monster's in-game depiction with cybernetic arm cannon and implanted Argent accumulator.


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