GZDoom for OS X

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GZDoom for OS X
Codebase GZDoom
Developer(s) _mental_
Initial release 2005-08-30 (11 years ago)
Latest release 0.5.1 (2016-02-06, 8 months ago)
Development status Active
Written in C++
Target Platform Mac OS X
License Doom Source License, 3-point BSD, others
Website alexey-lysiuk.github.io/gzdoom/
Source Repository



GZDoom for Mac OS X is a fork of GZDoom by Alexey Lysiuk (_mental_). The primary aim was to have a ZDoom port with OpenGL rendering on the Macintosh, but it has since obtained additional features.


In addition to all ZDoom and GZDoom features, GZDoom for OS X offers:

  • Rewritten OpenGL renderer
  • Support for loading the Xbox 360 IWADs from their diskfiles
  • FXAA post-processing
  • Automatic loading of the TNT: Evilution MAP31 fix patch
  • Automatic handling of Mordeth's MORGRAP0.WAD's lack of namespace markers
  • Enhanced optional display of time in the alternate HUD

Some features introduced there were since backported to ZDoom and GZDoom, including:

  • Berserk indicator in the alternate HUD

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