Game Engine Black Book: Doom


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Game Engine Black Book: Doom is a book by Fabien Sanglard and released in December 2018. The book covers the technical details of the Doom engine and explains the historical context behind its design. The book is a sequel to Sanglard's previous book, Game Engine Black Book: Wolfenstein 3D.


The book has forewords written by John Carmack and Dave Taylor.

  1. Introduction
  2. IBM PC: Describes the technical details of PCs of the 1993 era, including the Intel 486, VESA local bus graphics, sound, networking and the Watcom C compiler.
  3. NeXT: Details about the NeXT workstations used by id to develop Doom.
  4. Team and Tools: How Doom's art, music and sound effects were created, along with a description of the DoomEd editor.
  5. Software: idTech 1: In-depth exploration of the Doom source code.
  6. Game Console Ports: Covers the Atari Jaguar, Sega 32X, Super NES, Sony PlayStation, 3DO and Sega Saturn ports of Doom.


  • Bugs: Several notable bugs in the source code.
  • Dots: Explains what the "dots" meant shown on startup.
  • NeXTstation Turbo Color
  • Press Release
  • Source Code Release Notes: From the 1997 Doom source release.
  • doombsp release note
  • Survivor's Strategies and Secrets: Historical interviews republished from the official hint guide.
  • Interview with Dave Taylor
  • Interview with Randy Linden
  • OpenGL vs Direct3D .plan: Historical commentary by John Carmack.
  • Black Book Internals


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ISBN-10 ISBN 1987418433
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