The site logo is a site administered by Piotr Kapiszewski and, since 1996, Frans P. de Vries and John Van Essen which plays host to multiple resources from the early to late 1990s related to the Doom community. Nowadays it primarily serves a variety of gaming archives.


DoomGate is one of the earliest Doom community websites. It was founded by Piotr Kapiszewski at the University at Buffalo in 1994. It served as entrance to a network of early Doom sites, called DoomWeb. While originally located at, it moved to its present location on in March 1996.

All-Time Best Doom Levels[edit]

All-Time Best Doom Levels is a site created by Myles Williams in October 1994 and maintained until March 13, 1997. It was a democratically determined ranking of Doom modifications via a nomination and voting system, requiring a three-fourths majority amongst voters in order to accept a particular modification into its listings. It started out at the University of Tennessee and moved to DoomGate in February 1995.

Doom Help Service[edit]

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The Doom Help Service is a site operated by Ian Mapleson, which grew out of the Usenet group and serves as a period collection of FAQs, guides, and utility downloads. It was originally located at several successive U.K. university servers before moving to DoomGate in February 1996. It is no longer actively maintained and serves primarily as a historical archive.

Rogue & Strife[edit]

From November 1995 until April 1997, hosted the official Rogue Entertainment company site and the game site for Strife, their hybrid first-person shooter and role-playing game.

idgames archive[edit]

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The primary canonical server of the idgames archive has been hosted at the FTP subdomain of since October 2001.


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After its last maintainer, Zvonimir Bužanić (fx), shut down the Compet-n demos database in 2023, it was migrated to new host in preservation of its historical community value.

Other archives[edit] hosts the Wolfenstein 3D, idgames2 (Quake/Quake II) and Unreal archives, along with several other historical gaming archives. The now defunct (archived 🗺) site started out as the 3D Action Gamers' Archive on in August 1996 before moving to its own domain in March 1997.

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