The front cover of Gaminator

Gaminator is a 1994 commercial compilation created by DP Tool Club, a French software distributor. The compilation claims to have around 1300 levels for Doom and 90 levels for Doom 2, with over 220 different tools and level editors. Gaminator includes WADGOD, by Chuck Agne, as its main frontend launcher.

Notables WAD file included are: Aliens TC, Argus, Cringe, Crossing Acheron, and Forest Valley.

Oddly, the shovelware disc also includes a considerable quantity (approximately more than 2000) of files unrelated to Doom to several degrees, such as levels made for various 3D Realms games, game walkthroughs for a variety of products, universal cheat engines, Microsoft Flight Simulator mods, editors for Ultima, random various game demos, tabletop role-playing modules, and many more.


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