Gaston Lahaut (Mordeth)


Gaston Lahaut (alias Mordeth) is a Dutch Doom level designer who is best known for his Doom II partial conversion Mordeth that has been under on-going development since 1996. Its first episode was released in 1997. On March 13, 1998 he co-founded the web site Doomworld with Andrew Stine (Linguica) and Javier Heredia (Dukrous). In December 1998 he was voted seventh best in Doomworld's Top Ten Doom Level Makers poll held for the 5 Years of Doom celebration. [1] He was also one of four judges in the 10 Sectors mapping contest organized by Linguica in 2000.

Mordeth is currently a Doomworld forums moderator and assists with quality assurance for Eternity Engine development.

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