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RestlessRodent (formerly GhostlyDeath) was the maintainer of the ReMooD source port.

At age 7, their first experience with Doom was Doom95. Although they did enjoy playing the game, even the lowest difficulty level I'm Too Young To Die provided to be very difficult. Until 2001, they mainly used Vanilla Doom, Doom 95, and Playstation Doom. During the time of 2000 through 2001, they, along with a friend, played Doom95 over a dial-up modem, completing all of The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, TNT: Evilution, and The Plutonia Experiment on Ultra-Violence. However in 2001, they discovered Doom Legacy which opened up the world of Doom to them. They realized that Doom could be enhanced not only by levels and other resources but via programming. Although Doom was very enjoyable, both of them shifted to playing StarCraft: Brood War.

In 2005, RestlessRodent decided to rediscover Doom Legacy but forgot what the source port was called. A search for "Doom Online" lead to the discovery of Doom Connector. Between 2005 and 2016 they were an active member of the Doom community, however becoming less active since 2015 when multiplayer Doom was no longer played. During their time, they mostly played on ZDaemon, Skulltag, then Odamex.

Since May 9, 2017 they left the community; the explanation followed in July, 2021.[1] Since January 2023, they occasionally visit and check-in a few times per year with the time in between visits spanning multiple months.

Programming projects[edit]

Other than ReMooD, they have worked on a multitude of other projects.

  • Chocorenderlimits which is a Chocolate Doom fork to display openings, visplanes, and various other rasterizer related data.
  • GPL Skulltag Master - an open source option for hosting a private master server for the defunct Skulltag source port by reverse engineering the server side portion of the protocol after a release of the client side protocol.
  • Simple Doom Editor - A cross-platform level editor which has never come to full fruition. Development was left to Blzut3 and Evan.
  • Strawberry Doom - a Chocolate Doom modification intended to add more features to the base game while still remaining compatible; this project is no longer worked on.

Programming contributions[edit]


They used to be a developer for the Odamex source port between May 30, 2008 through January 16, 2009. Apart from bug fixes, features which were developed included banning/whitelisting, enter/leave notifications, randomized map lists, spectating, and the ability to see the name of a player which is looked at.

Released levels[edit]

In the year 2000, they discovered the ability to create user made levels with the DEU utility. Since DEU lacked the ability to create levels for Doom II, a modified version of the program was made to grant this ability along with understanding C programming more. However, soon after a workable prototype they discovered that there was a Windows port called WinDEU with the aforementioned feature.

Only two deathmatch WADs were ever released in 2005: GhostlyDeath's Ultimate Deathmatch and GhostlyDeath's Ultimate Deathmatch 2.

Contributory wise, they created the map MAP05: The Whole Four Yards in ZDaemon 4-Way CTF and MAP44: 5 Minute Mayhem in 32in24-6, along with some minor contributions to Freedoom.

Clan history[edit]

Between 2005 and 2013, they were active in multiplayer clans that concentrated mostly on deathmatch and capture the flag.

Doom Connector[edit]




International Doom League career[edit]

They participated in the International Doom League in the following capacities:

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