Ghosts (Heretic)


Some monsters in Heretic (golems and undead warriors) can appear in a form of a ghost. These have the GHOST thing flag, which makes them translucent and unable to be hit by certain attacks which are defined as non-magical. Projectiles that cannot hit ghosts will simply travel through them as if nothing was there.

Additionally, the disciple of D'Sparil possesses the ability to flicker in and out of tangibility when preparing its attack, so a player might find a couple of their crossbow bolts going right through them.

The Shadowsphere temporarily confers all the benefits of the GHOST flag to the player when used. Monsters' aim becomes erratic when attacking ghosts, whether the targets were players with the Shadowsphere or ghost enemies engaged in infighting.

A similar type of ethereal monster appears in Hexen, but only during the final battle with Korax. These are known as mash monsters, and lack any of the extra protections granted to Heretic's ghosts.

Immunities and vulnerabilities[edit]

Ghosts cannot be hit by attacks which have the THRUGHOST flag, including:

They can be harmed by other attacks, such as:

Iron lich tornadoes do not home in on ghosts.